cooking week #1 banana smoothie

Hello, everybody!
Today, I started my 'cooking week' with a really easy recipie: I made a smoothie. In the first section of my cooking book, there are several recepies about breakfast ideas, such a muesli, muffins or smoothies. The good thing is, that they do not consume very much time while being exetremely tasty and (in most of the cases) healthy. A great idea for starting the day, I think.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Ingredients:  a banana
                      rice or soy milk
                      Agave syrup

Required devices: beaker
                              immersion blender
                              a drinking glass

How to do:
Cut the banana in rough pieces and put it in the beaker. Next, add 300 militier of milk and 80 militer of oil.  Mash the ingredients carefully till a viscous liquid has risen. With the Agave syrup, season the drink to your favorite range of sweetness and fill it in yoour glass. Enjoy!

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