cooking week #11 kiwi- banana smoothie (+resumee cooking week)

Hey, everybody!
And welcome to my last recepie post of my cooking week. For this ending, I again myde an easy yet tasty and healthy smoothie. her we go!

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Ingredients: a kiwi
                    a banana
                    rice milk

Required devices: a beaker
                              an immersion
                              blender/ food

How to do: Break the banana in rough pieces and put it into the beaker. Next, cut the kiwi in small, cubic pieces and add it as well. Add 300 mililiters of rice milk and mix everything with the immersion blender, till the drink is smooth ans light green. Enjoy!

I like this recepie, as it (like all other smoothies) does not take much time but is very tasty and to my mind healthy as well.
I hope you liked this recepie as well as the previous ones and I will see you (without a recepie) tomorrow!

Cooking week resume:
After having tried out cooking or at least creating some food everyday, I found out, that this is not really something I want to do to this degree. It was fun preparing and creating food but it was not something I would really look forward to. For me, it is also hard to integrate into my school schedule, especially considerign the time, other people from my family have to use the kitchen. What I, however, may continue creating is smoothies, because they are seriously so easy to make and exetremely tasty ans freshening. For the next two weeks, my 'topic' will be reading. Cooking is for now over.
As I would 'only' do it on purpose, so when I need a meal and not as a hobby for fun, I will remove it from my hobby list. So, I am making progress in reducing my hobbies.
See you soon!

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