cooking week #6 berry smoothie

Hey, everybody!
I really got to love smoothies since I started this cooking week. they are (mostly) easy to made, exetremely tasty yet not unhealthy and often very nourishing. I think, they can be a great breakfast alternative. Today, I made a smoothies I like even more than the previous one. A berry smoothie!

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Ingredients: berry- mix (mine included cherries, strawberries, raspberries and crawnberries)
                    a banana
                    rice milk

Required devices: a beaker
                              an immersion blender or food processor

How to do: Put half a bowl of your berry mix into the beaker. Add the banana, broken into rough pieces. Next, add about 200 mililiters of rice milk and mix everything until a dark red, smooth drink has emerged. Enjoy!

I really like this recepie (if it can be called a recepie) and it is really freshening. I hope, you enjoyed this quick recepie as much as I did and I will see you


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