cooking week #7 fruit smoothie

Hey, everyone!
Today I have another smoothie for you that I particularily like because of it's repletion. As it contains three fruits, it is really making satet and therefore an actual snack and not just a drink. Let's make a fruit smoothie!

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Ingredients: a banana
                    an apple
                    an orange
                    rice milk

Required devices: a beaker
                              an immersion blender of food processor

How to do: Break the banana in rough pieces and put them in the beaker. Next, cut the apple in small pieces of about 1 centimeter edge length and add it as well. After that, peel the orange and add it, broken into pieces. Now, insert 300 mililiters of rice milk and take the immersion blender. Mix everything until a smooth drink has emerged. You can also stop a little before this point to keep some fruit pieces in the smoothie (what I did). Enjoy!

I hope, you liked this small smoothie tutorial and may try it out yourself. See you tomorrow!

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