cooking week #8 coffee cookies

Hey, everybody!
Although I would not consider myself a coffee- liker at all, I tried out cookies tasting a bit like it. This coffe cookies are tasty yet not over- sweet, but with a little harsh aroma, what make them very delicious.

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Ingredients: flour
                    baking powder
                    cacao powder
                    coffee powder

Required devices: a mixing bowl
                              a mixer

How to do: Take the mixing bowl and put in 120 gramms of flour, half a teaspoon of baking powder, 30 gramms of cacao powder, two tablespoons of coffee powder, 90 gramms of sugar. After having mixed this dry ingreadients, add 130 gramm of magarine (cuttet in rough pieces) as well as three tablespoons of water. Lastly, add 50 gramms or oatmeal. Now, take the mixer and mix everything, till a smooth, but dry mixture. Wash your hands and prepare a griddle with baking paper. After this, form small bowls of  dough and flatten them to about 2 centimeters height . In doing so, form about 20 small cookies. Pay attention to having enough distance between the cookies. Bake the cookies on 180°C (360° Fahrenheit) heat for about 15 minutes, till they are crunchy. Enjoy!

I really like this recepie and it has proven it's tastieness, as all of the cookies were gone the day, after I put them in the fridge. I hope, you have a nice day and I will see you tomorrow!

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