getting a feeling for minimalism

Hey, guys!
SInce I started engaging in minimalism actively, about half a year passed. I now can feel a kind of minimal mentality developing in myself.
As I had my birthday party in my own room, we came to the topic of clutter. Wheas I have the feeling, that my rooms is way overcluttered and a lot of items are unneccessary, my friends told me, that their own rooms are fuller and that they sense my room as a rather clean one. This seriously surprised me. My friends also told me about their full rooms and houses and I directly thought, that a lot of things in theit rooms should rather been thrown away.
One friend says, that, as she is a collector, a lot of items gather around in her room. When I was younger, I used to be a natural colector, too but now, I cannot imagine any item, I would want to collect.
Although I am not an active collector of items, I recently noticed that I have huge amount of Rilakkuma- branded- items, that I do not want to throw away. You can read more about this in my article about the gifting issue.
I also thought about shopping. It definitely was not the case, that I could be called a shopping queen earlier, but I really enjoyed sometimes strolling through the shops and buying some cute things. Now, I cannot imagine shoppping in this way. I can, obviously, make a list for the things, I need and buy them in city but I would not be enhappied strolling through the shops and buying items, I do not really need.
I also started developing 'an eye for minimalism'. When I look around the rest of the house, that is not in my possession, I often the items, that are very unneccessary in my eyes. I often have the feeling that about more that half of the items should be thrown away. I obviously would never throw away things, that I do not possess but I really would like and have fun decluttering my whole house.
I remember it being sometimes painful to throw things away a few month ago. I would often overthing, whether to get rid of the particular item and refuse to throw it away, even though I know, it would be better this way. I do not watn to say that throwing something away is alway easy nowadays, but it definitely lost a part of its scarieness. When I have a item, I intend to put away, I just that the item for its fulfilled purpose and put it away. I do not feel so closely connected and dependent on my items anymore.
So, conclusively, I would say, that I am just developing a feeling for minimalism and decluttering. I would regard this as the normal next step of people engaging in minimalism. See you soon.

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