How to start a new semster right

As recently a new semster started at my school, I wanted to talk about some ways to start a new semster in a good and motivation way.
When it comes to a new semester, the most students show themselves super- motivated, have high goals and seem to have the ambition and willpower to work hard. A few weeks later, however, these students use to be unmotivatied, tired and often far from reaching their goals.
To prevent this from happening, I have a few studying tips for starting a new semester.
What I do first, when the old semester has come to it's end is decluttering and organizing my folders. Although I am a pretty organized person and do not tend to lose my material, there are lots of papers gathered sometimes unorganized in my folders, So, at the end of the semester I put out all of the papers, I will not be likely to need and put them in my paper- archieve folders. The papers, I keep are summaries or studying papers, that only contain the very necessary information. When a old topic is not yet finished, I would obviously keep this topic's papers as well.
I also go through all of my books or other study material and look, whether it is needed or where to put it, so that my schoolbag and shelf only contain actually neccessary material.
This organization process prevents me from loosing the control and mind about all of my papers later in the semester.
After that, it's time to pull out my calendar. First I would fill in all important dates like school breaks, important days or any kind of special days. This can be found on the school's webside or magazine. They are often posted in the school as well. After that, I fill in my exams. at our school, an exam planner is shown a little while after the new semester has begun. There, I would copy the dates, rooms and subjects and fill in everything in my calendar.
This will help getting an overview about the semester and it's important dates. It also is necessry for creating rough studying or leisure schedule. We have exam periods, that require a lot of studying and should be prepared for well. I also mark, when I have two exams in one week, because this required very anticipatory, long- term- studying.
In my case, we did not get a completely new timetable but some classes changed times or rooms. This is an important thing to look at, too. When getting a new timetable I usually outine the diffrent subjects in diffrent colors, so that it is easier to find them. A timetable also helps preparing the daily scheduling as I can have an overlook on the days of the week, I have more or less freetime. I would also check the differnt subjects temporary diffrence, what is crucial for keeping on track with homework. When I know, that I will have the class the very next day, I will rather prapare quickly.
A paper to mark a certain study area can
actually help increasing one's working ability
Another good thing to start at a new semster's beginning is the improval of one's study skills. This basically means forming good study habits. Essential is a set studying place (that is quiet and can be worked at without too much intermissions) and time (regular, continous studying will help more than cramming, as I can tell from my own experience).
I personally have weekly studying times as well. What that means is, that each day of my week is devoted to one of the subjects, I am writing classtests in. So, for example, at modays I would take some time in the evening repeating this weeks' math stuff. This does not require much time but helps a lot with long- term exam preparation and keeping on track will all of the classes.
I also keep a piece of paper with me, on which I write all of my oral and exam grades. That helps getting an overviwe about all grades and find out, whcih subjects require more studying

For me, this ways helped starting a new semster amazingly and keeping it amazing.
I really hope, that you found this article helpful and can make your next semster a great and sucessful one!

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