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Hey, hopefully happy people out there!
I recently started watching a dokumentation called 'happy' with my friend. Simple name, pretty self- explainatory, it deals with happiness. It covers the main aspects of it, beliefs about happyness in diffrent countries and diffrent people's experiences. From what I have watched so far, I can definitely say, that this dokumentation provides a very diversified and multifarious content.
Altough I used to thought and I am still thinking, that I am a pretty happy and positive person, this dokumentation really made me rethink my standards of happiness.

This first important point I figured out is, that happiness is kind of the goal of everything. When we have a goal, whatever it is, it is in the end the desire to be happy. I already learned that about money. People wanting to have a lot of money are not affected by the money itself, but by it's effect. The desire of money can be, for example a representation of the desire of freedom or of power or of independence. This desires itself are just desired to be happy.

It was stated that two kinds of motivation exist, that can cause a goal.
Extrinsic motivation comes from the outside, it is typically money or luxus, popularity and fame.
Intrinsic motivation, on the other, hand comes from the person within. It is something like spending time with friends and family, pursuing a hobby or enjoying nature.
Thinking about this, I think that I am a mixture of both. I definitely do have a strong desire of money (extrinsic), in my case a representation of my desire of (financial) indepen(intrinsic). I also feel a certain happiness when I have the control and structure about my life, am sucessful and reach my goals(kind of both).
dence and freedom. On the other hand, pursuing in my hobbies, so acting out creativity, learning or experiencing something new or visiting foreign places does definitely make me very happy
Although the documentation somehow stated the intrinsic goals to be 'better' or stronger in the happiness, they bring, I do not believe so. The problem, that I see with this kinds of goals is, that a lot of people are working in order to aim them without really desireing them. It is in our society a common assumtion that mostly everyone desires money and luxus.

The documentation also found out that physical activity seems to be very happiness- causing. Furthermore, dramatically catastrophic events in one's life do not neccessary have to lead to a lower amount of happiness; in case, they can even increase a persons average happiness.
The documentation again made me deeply think of what it is, that I really want and desire.
Any action we do should be aimed at this goals and desires because others will not make us happy.
Every day should be focussed on our personal happiness and coming closer to it's achievements. Too much people are robot- like working machines, wo do not overthink their doings. Don't become one of them.

I hope, that you found this article interesting and have a happy day.
See you tomorrow

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