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Hey, everyone!
A few days ago (when I watched this documentation on happyness), a friend of mine, who is not attending to school now, told me, that a lot of people in school do not look happy. When thinking about this, I had to admit that the most people look tired and exhausted in the school breaks. It is a little obvious; as the classes are seeminly hard, the breaks are filled with exhaused and maxed out students. Surprisinly, the tired- looking people are indeed not the hard working front students but more likely to be very passive and lazy in class.
I, personally am not exhausted or sad in school at all. I do not know, whether it is visible, but I am often happy in school. The exhaustion often comes after I have finished my homework at home.
Now, the key question is: How is it possible to stay freshed and happy while attending to (probably hard) classes?

I think, it has a lot to do with the mindset. The most students have a mindset, that goes like: "School is boring and pointless. I hate it." Although I would not certainly disagree with the seccond point, I do not think, that school is boring all the time. For students, who spend the class lolling around doing nothing obviously are not so very included in class talk and therefore cannot find it interesting. But because of this very negative mindset, a lot of students do not even try doing so.  And so, school is boring and their mindset has been proven true.
This mindset goes along with finding everything 'so hard' and being 'so busy'. A lot of students complain about how hard and impossible all this homework is and how much they have to study and how they are so busy with everything. I mean, obviously, there are quite hard days sometimes, but this is definitely not the usual. People procrastinating and doing all their work all at once at the very last day before the deadline, however, will obviously have a lot to at this day and feel busy. As for the studying, the exam schedule is visible from the first day of the semester. It is not the case, that an exam mysteriously appears a few days before its date. So, knowing that they might have a week full of exams, students could prepare and maybe plan their studying earlier that 48 hours before the test.
Stundent with this mindset, however do not do so, because their mindset helps them procrastinating and justify failures or flaws.

So, how is it possible to avoid this self- fulfilling prophecy and change your mindset into a positive one? I think, the first step is realizing that you have such a negative mindset and the awarness that you feel exhausted and busy due this. The next step is planning sucessfully. When you start planning you may think, that this is pointless. But as you put your plan into practice, you will see results. This results will then, reinforce your motivation and step by step, this anti- productive mindset will be diminishing.

Going from then, various studying, organizing and planning techniques can be tryed out and adjusted. But the basis for their success is the right mindset.

I really hope, you found this article helpful and it may helped you with your own life. See you tomorrow!

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