Why it is so important to participate in class

Hey, everybody!
Today in German class, we should make a group work. Catchy introuduction, right? However, only one in four groups should present their work at a transparent foil and somehow, another group got choosen. When it came to time to present the results, however, only one girl (she is studying very hard and I admire her) wanted to present. As the presentation required two presentores, I volunteered and presented with her though having not worked in the group.
It was okay,  but we do not want to talk about presentations now but about participation.

I know, that a lot of students refuse to participate in class, because it requires effort and thinking. Furthermore (this is maybe the biggest reason why people refuse to participate) a lot of students are afraid of making mistakes with the teacher recognizing it.

In my opinion, participating in class is a method that provides the greatest benefits for studying.
First of all, participating in class will obviously improve your grade. Participating is the way of showing the teacher, what you know before it comes to the exam.  The teacher also recognizes your ambition to do well as well as your willpower. All of this will definitely raise your oral grade.
Apart from this, participating is beneficial because it will make you understand the study content better and more in depth. In class you are confronted with lots of diffrent tasks and problems that require diffrent practice of the study content. Therefore, you will have a lot more training in the topic, what is also the first step in preparing for an exam. By training it in school, you reduce the time required to repeat and practice the topic at home.
If you do wrong in class, you will be told your mistakes immediately. Although it may not feel like but this is actually a benefit as well. When you give a wrong answer in class, the teacher then knows about your mistakes, that probalby shows a lack of knowledge in the topic. If you would not participate, the teacher may not recognize your mistake but so do you. Don't saying something out loud does not make it less a mistake. But in that case, you do not know, that you are wrong and you are likely to make this mistake in the exam, where the teacher will recognize it sooner or later. But this time, the mistake will be paid a lot more attention to, mostly in decreasing points.
Another way, participation in class prevents you from mistakes in the exam is through asking questions. Class is actually the time for that. I know, that is a pretty weird feeling to ask a question about a topic, the rest of the people seem to have understand. In case, it is likely that the other students did not understand as well and refuse to ask. and again, this will help increase your success in the exam and reduce mistakes. It also saves time, you would have spend at home trying to find answers for you question.
Talking about working for a class at home, participating will help you decrease the time, you spend studying and doing homework or papers. As you already lerned about the topic in class, practiced it and understood it, you do not have to do this at home and your homework will be certainly easier.
Participating in class orally can also be a protection in case you failed at an exam. As you have been participating in class, the teacher knows about your knowledge and ambition and will not draw the concludion that you are lazy or did not study for the exam.
What I also like about participating in class is, that is keeps you included in the flow of studying and avoids bordomness. This certainly helps concentration and not falling asleep when you are tired.
Obviosuly, a oral grade can decrease if you make lots of mistakes. But even this grade will be certainly better that one of a student, who does not participate at all.

After this reasons, I think the importance of participation in class should hab´ve become clear. I really hope that you liked this article and found it helpful.
See you tomorrow.

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