Why it is so important to take notes in class (even if the teacher writes something down)

Hey, everybody!
As I am very concerned about school and succceeding at class, I definitely do expess this corncern throughout my behaviour in school. One way, I show, that I pay lots of attention to my grades is through taking notes.
As I am not in college yet and attend a regular school, I am not so independent about studying as in college. Teachers write more or less often something on the board or hand out information sheet or provide the necessary information somewhere written down. Seen from this point, it should not be neccessary to take notes other than copying the written down from the board.

As I, however, use to take notes very frequently, my friends would sometimes tell me, that this is pointless and that I am wasting paper and time writing something down.
I think, taking notes provides some significant benefits, I want to talk about today.In school, everything written on the board makes sense. As the teacher explains it and the students deal with the written down, there is no issue in understanding the content. Everything seems to be clear and just the written down seems to be neccessary.

At home, however, connections are often not that clear. When you forgot a topic and want to review it or are studying for an upcoming exam with your notes, weeks later, you may do not understand the solution anymore. As you only wrote down the main points and not smaller points, that may not be so important but neccessary for understanding, you are very likely to forget about the smaller points and to wonder later how two steps are connected with eac other
So, by really writing down all steps and points neccessary, you ensure your understanding later on as well. This way, you reduce your study time, you may would have spent trying to figure out missing points. By taking notes, you are able to learn the most things already while class.
Furthermore, notes can make your brain stick to the content during class. By writing sown the content, you do not give your brain the opportunity to slip away and get distracted, but constantly focus on class.
Students who only write down the phrases written on the board, are very likely to just copy it to their notes. This means, that this students would just copy the phrase word per word without actually understanding the overall sense of the point and its meaning for the main topics.
By taking your own notes in your own words, you write down the content understandable for yourself even later on. When you are not able to put something in your own words, you instantly recognize, that you did not really understand it. This way, you force youself the understand the topic even while class and not just a week before the exam.

So, as you can see, note taking is a very beneficial habit in school. Your success in this, however, depends one your note taking system, of these a lot exist. I am currently using a regular system of just writing the neccesarry information down in some kind of order. Although I try to make the facts a little vivd by illustrating them, my notes are often just a long list of keyworlds.
As I am very interested in study methods, I came across various note taking systems, that are recommended by diffrent study gurus
The Cornell method
What seems to make sense to me, is the so- called Cornell method. For this, you divide the paper into three sections: the main notes section (middle), the cue/ question section (left hand side) and the conclusion section (bottom). This is a method, I definitely want to try out. I will lete you know.

So, I really hope, you found this article interesting or helpful and could learn something.
See you tomorrow!

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