Why a morning routine is so important (but hard to accomplish)

Hey, guys!
As I've already talked about the importance of a night routine, I am not talking about the counterpart; a morning routine. While a good morning routine can change even more, it is also way harder to accomplish.
As with the night routine, I did not use to have a morning routine a while ago. I would just stand up and either get ready in no particular order or (in case, it is weekend) start any activity. Obviously I had some structure in the morning, as there are certain things that have to be done before going to school (changing clothes, breakfast etc.) but I did not have a real routine. This went along with not standing up every day at the same time. I would stand up at roughly the same time at working days, that was all. Needless to say that this lead to some hectic.
I started etablishing morning routine about a year ago. What triggered this was starting the habit of jogging every morning. As this activity is rather time- consuming, it required at least a set time to stand up. Going from this, I build up a routine, that consists of five main kinds of activities; a) beauty (getting ready, changing clothes) b) friends/ contacting ('online time'; answering messages) c) studying (reading a bit, checking my school material, repeating the subjects briefly, doing vocabulary flashcards) d) preparation for leaving (rising the curtains, making my bed, leaving) e) blogging
The first benefit is, that this prepares me well for school. Although I spend only a few minutes checking and repeating the subjects of the very day, it really helps coming into the topic in class. Especially for classes where the teacher uses to do a repetition at the beginning of the lesson, this is very beneficial.
I am planning to talk about this in a specific post later, but I just want to mention, that a restricted 'online- time' is very helpful in order to stop looking at the smartphone every few minutes and interrupting work by checking and answering messages.
The 'kind- of- beauty' I am doing every morning helps feeling fresh and vivid and overcoming tiredness. Jogging in the morning obviously triggers a refreshed feelign as well.
It is also beneficial to use some time in the morning to get closer to certain long- term- goals(In my case: blogging)
Generally, a morning routine makes a smooth start in the day, what makes it begin with a positivie feeling. This often leads to me getting a lot more done at the very day and not feeling so tired. When I just falter out of the bed and start hectically packing my stuff, I am often feeling very tired and not refreshed the day, what does not helps finishing off my to- do list.
I think, a morning routine is even more benefical than a night routine. But it is also even harder. The hard thing about it is specifically getting up and actually starting doing the morning routine. As it is more time consuming that a hectic 15 minutes morning, it requires to get up earlier and to get up at the same time every day. Although I am not a late riser, that can be very hard sometimes. As for the weekends, where I am not allowed to go jogging or leave my room so early in the morning, I often use to finish the parts of my morning routine, that I can do in my room and then go to sleep for one or two hours again. I am still trying out diffrent methods for actually standing up at the early time. What I regard to be helpful:
a) put the alarm at a place, where you have to stand up to get it
b) move right after getting up (I try to take a short 'walk' trough the house)
c) listen to music in the bed a few minutes before getting up (rock music- really helps)
This te
chniques, however, cannot prevent me from getting up a bit late way too often. I am still trying to fix it.
Having an etablished morning routine, however, helps starting tha day also when I got up a bit too late.
I really hope you enjoey reading this post and found it helpful and are able to build up your own beneficial morning routine now.
See you tomorrow (morning)

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