21th of March

Hey everybody reading!
Tomorrow is the 21th of March, 2016. One year ago at this day, I went to Japan as an exchange student. For the occasion of this 'jubilee', I want to focus my posts more on Japan and my experience there.
From now on, I am going to post about Japan as

  • Continuing the translation of the diary I wrote there
  • Talking about aspects of Japan, I like or dislike 
  • Discussing topics of Japan, such as the school system or the relation to nature
  • Blogging about the Japanese language and how I studied it
  • Giving general advice on livin in a host community and making a student exchange
  • Talking about the experiences I made there and what the exchange brought to my life
Travelling to Japan for about 4 month was definitely the most positively exciting and amazing thing, i have ever made. It did not only bring me very close to Japanese society and language, enabled connection with foreign people but also taught me a lot about life and myself. It brough wonderful new friends to me, whom I am still having contact with, healed me from a mental illness and enabled me the seriously best time in my life. I still study Japanese, talk with Japanese friend and think about this country every day. One day, I definitely want to come back and continue my journey there.
But for now, I am okay with thinking, talking and blogging about me experience, I consider so very important. I hope that I can blog about this topic on a daily basis and extend the topic guide above.

I am really looking forward to this and sincerely hope, yoou will enjoy my blog posts about Japan as well. Ahve a very nice day and see you tomorrow!

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