How to avoid cramming

Hey everyone reading!
A few days ago, I talked about how to get a lot of work done in a small period of time. If you are at this point that you need to cram, you should rather read that article to find out. 
If you are not in a situation where you need to study right know in order to survive, this post may be more interesting. As for this year I did not really come in the situation to cram, what is actually possible. Today, I want to tell you how to even avoid the need for cramming.

  • First of alll, I highly recommend preparing constantly. What I mean with this is to sit down after each class and do some study preparation. Review the topics, that were talked about and already put the content, that is relevant for the exam (so for  example, a therory or rule, but not an example in introuduction instance) into notes. In doing so, you can start a study paper including everything, you need to know for the exam, right after class. For this, I personally prefer mind maps, because diffrent information are easier to connect this way. If you do this, you have at least already a study guide and do not have to go through all of your notes before the exam.
  • Nextly, I als study constantly, already when the exam is far away. That does not mean that you have to spend every day after school memorizing your notes. It is enough to engage a very small study routine; think of all the subjects, you have to write an exam in and dedicate a weekday to each. Then, set a small period of time every day (20 minutes are enough) as study time. Now, use this amount of time to study the day's subject, for example study mondays english, tuesdays chemistry, wednesdays mathematics... In this time, you just have to study a bit with your study guide you are constantly producing (look at step one). This way, you are constantly studying a bit what radically decreases the time right before the exam, you have to invest in studying.
  • I would also recommend keeping a 'question sheet' While you are studying or writing your exam guide, write down any questions or insecurities, you have and get them answered as soon as possible. This way, you will not end up exetremely confused one day before the exam but can clarify everything before.
  • Then, when the exam comes actually closer, start studying more intensively, but do not cram. Start studying at least 10 days before the exam and spread the study content equally on each day, you can study. As for this time, I would recommend studying with sample exams. Furthermore, I think it is the best to stop studying at least the day before the exam, when you will not be very likely to significally remember something. This day should be dedicated to something else.
I really hope you now got inspired to take steps avoiding cramming and learned a way to do it. See you tomorrow and have a nice day!

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