How to eliminate time thieves

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Do you know this situation when it is night and you ask yourself what you actually spend this day doing but cannot find an anwer. ALthough you had planned and structured your day, it was seemingly occupied by something else, keeping you from getting something done. This is often because of time thieves.
What are time thieves? So- called time thieves are often seemingly small, not very important activities. When they, however, gather or expand, they take great control of your day, consuming a lot of time. The problem is, that they seem to be so tiny that it is not worth scheduling or regulating them. but they are, in fact, one of the greatest threats to efficient time management.

How can time thieves be eliminated? Afte you have found out, that a lot of time is occupied by time thieves, the next step is to eliminate them. I would recommend keeping a table list. In the right column, you write the time thief's name. On the left hand, you count, how often you are kept from working by this time thief. For each time, you are interrupted, draw a line. If possible, write the time, you spend doing the activity as well.
After having done this for one or two weeks, you should have a list containing your main time thieves.

There are a few ways to eliminate time thieves. Firstly, you should figure out, which time thieves are really unneccessary, unproductive and not worth their time. These should be given up. Then you have only activities that do need to be pursued but keep you from working. Here, I would recommend scheduling this very activities to a certain time in the day, prefarably included in your morning or evening routine. At any other time of the day they should be avoided as far as possible.
blank table sheet
To keep on track with the elimination, keep the table for about one month to check if your time thieves are diminishing. They may not be able to avoid at all, but can be reduced to a certain decree for sure.

I hope, you liked this article and found it helpful. See you tomorrow!

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