How to study break the right way

Hello everyone reading!
As I have starting taking study breaks more actively during studying, I want to introuduce you to my tips on taking a study break.

  1. Plan breaks in advance. Before you start studying, make a plan not only about what you want to study but also when you want to take breaks. Decide whether you want to take a break after a certain period of time, e.g. after 40 minutes or after having finished a certain amount of work, e.g. after chapter 3.
  2. Set a timer or another mark to not forget the break. Keep your plan next to you while you are working and pay attention to it to actually have the break at the right time.
  3. When it comes to the break, you should have planned the time of relaxation, you want to spend. I would recomment 5 to 10 minutes. Set a timer to keep this time period.
  4. Good activities for doing within a break are activities, that do not reaquire much intellectual effort but are either demanding physical strain or are just relaxation at all. Examples for this are doing sport, cooking, mediation, relaxing (laying around- but don't fall asleep, reading something easy). Do something that is completely unrelated to your study material.
  5. Bad activities are either very distracting or require a lot of brain effort, such as checking social media, reading something hard, watching TV or sleep (because you are very very likely to sleep longer than you planned to)
  6. Stick to your schedule. Don't say yourself that you will relax just 'one minute more', becuase it will always be mre than one minute.
I hope you foud this tips helpful and got dome inspiration on how to study break the right way. Have a nice day and see you tomorrow!

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