Skipping classes- when it's worth it & and how to do it the right way.


Hello, everybody!
Yesterday was the first day since las year's summer, I did not went to school. It was probably the first time since over a year but I do not remember, when I was not to school in the 10th grade anymore. 
Usually,I am one of those students, who go to school no matter how sick and ill they are or how much classes there are. Yesterday, however, was diffrent. As I had been sick the whole week, I did not expect it to stop too fast. I had,  however, an exam today, that I definitely did not want to spend blowing my nose, sneezing and coughing. Moreover, my concentration and focus would be exetremely decreased if I would have been that sick. So, I decided to spend a day in bed, relax and drink tea and today, I felt much better and did blow my nose only one time during the whole exam.
Here, as you can see, it was the right decision to skip classes.

Skipping classes is, however, in the most cases no good decision at all. 
It has mainly negative impacts; you do not have so much opportunities to participate or ask something in class, you often only have restricted study material from your friends but not you own notes and in the end the teacher will gain a very negative image of a student who is more oven not in class than he is. 
Positive aspects are that, well, you do not have to go to school and can do whatever you want and it is mostly less effort to learn the class' content, summarized by friends or classmates that spending a whole day in school and filtering all study material by your own. 
Clearly, skipping classes has more negative impacts than benefits. So, unless you suffer a chronic disease, skipping classes schould be an occurence as rare as possible

It can be good to skip classes if you feel sick or ill and have a really important appointment or (as in my case) exam, test or other kind of query, you have to attend to the next day. In order to score good, it is indeed a good idea to cure out any kind of illness. If you have an important event or appointment, you have or want to attend to or some really important last- minute- work to do, it is about pondering and thinking. Whatever the reason for skipping class may be, you should always do it the right way.
Most students, who did not attend to a class just treat it as it has never happend, not asking for the topic talked about, not doing the homework and not reworking anything at all. This will certainly, if done more often, impact one's score in a negative way and moreover, not creating a very good impression on the teacher. 

So how to do it the right way? Here is some advice;
  • When you know that you will skip a day of school, inform your teacher or make sure that classmates or friends of this class inform the respective teacher. Ask certain people to bring paper sheets or notes of the class, you will be skipping. 
  • Then take the day and recover or relax or do what you have to do. 
  • When school is over or you know, that the people, you made responible for the study material are accessible, ask them about it. Not wait tilll the next school day, you will meet but make it as soon as possible. Ask them what you did in the lesson and what their work products were as well as whether you have homework. Ask for photos of their notes or work sheets worked on as well. 
  • Work on the material until the next lesson of the subject. So not refuse to ask friends or classmates if you have a question.
  • When you are back in school, make effort to be excused properly. I do not know about your school, but we have a pretty complicated system for that.
I think, this is the only right way to work up a missed class and do not leave with a bad impression.
I hope you are fine and enjoyed this post and I'll see you tomorrow!

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