The 5 most common study hacks (and why they are stupid)

Hey everyone reading this!
First of all, I want to point out, that this post is not about 'Study Hacks', the website of Cal newport (what is actually amazing) but about the stereotypical study hacks that are posted online or talked about in videos mostly by girls showing neon pink folders and colorful zipper bags.

There are basically two types of results shown when you type in 'study hacks'. Either, it are exetremely basic things, everybody should know or it are some 'special', seemingly creative tips, that are doubtable to actually work.

The 'basic type' looks like this:
So, it is a study tip to use flashcards. I think, flashcards are a very basic medium of each student and the more interesting aspect to talk about is how to use flashcards.

This tip  is to 'don't procrastinate' what is not only basic but also no tip. The tip could be 'Be good in school' as well, it is not explained, how not to procrastinate bute just said to do not do it.

Then, we have the 'faboulous' study hacks. They seem very creative, individual and funny at the first glimpse but after looking at them a bit colser, you will realize that they are stupid.

This is probably the most common study hack, that I actually did try out. needless to say, it did not work. To chew a diffrent flovoured gum for each subject you first of all need a bunch of gums in about 10 significally diffrent flavours, what may become quite expensive after a while. Then, you have to always bring them with you to school and remeber what one to chew when. I would not assume anybody to like gums anymore after having them chewed five days a week seven hours. Furthermore, your food might tasty slightly akward after this. Besides, my school does not allow us to chew gum during classes because it is harder to speak with them. In general you have to think whether you want to make this much effort and invest time and money to implement this study hack what may not push your study performance more that 10%.

This study hack is very common as well. First of all, I would think of the technical aspects of this hack. You have to prepare sweets fore every page you read, this food has to be  spread on the page, what may daub the page. Talking about studying efficiency, this hack almost forces you to just read over the page as fast as possible without understanding or memorizing the content. What I would rather recommend is to consume some sweets after having finished the whole page and understood everything.

This is basically my attitude towards a lot of study hacks but what do you think?
I hope you liked that post and I'll see you tomorrow.

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