travel2japan #23 meeting my school

Hey guys!
So, I was to Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm no going to do this. 
Some backround information:
I was to Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

#23 meeting my school
Real date: April 2nd, Thursday

Today I went to school for the first time.
When I was in the bathroom, Wakari san accidently went in and told me something about my coar and that we will go to the school at 10:30. I did not really understand. Wakari san told me, that I should clean my coat a bit, becuase there are cat hairs there. Because Wakari san speaks Japanese quickly. I often do not understand a lot of words. I would then just ask for one word, I got but stilll do not understand a lot of others.

After that, however, we ate breakfast. Because Wakari san was taking a shower, I just ate together with Kouta san. The breakfast was just bread, because Kouta san likes it. At 8 o'clock, Wakari san and Kouta san drove to the station (Wakari san brought Kouta san to the station becaue from there, he drives to his workplace).
my makeshift
pre- uniform
At half past 10, we will go to the school. So, till then, I still have a lot of time.
Somehow, the alarm of my smarthone is too late. I want to put it to normal mode.
In TV, I sam something about Japanese electronics. It was a little weird yet funny. Somehow, I am imagenary speakng to Kate (a friend of mine, who spent 10 month in America). Because she understands.
In Japan, I saw a lot of funny socks, people wear. Wakari san sometimes wears toe socks.
Because everywhere are cat hairs, Wakari san cleans every day. Yesterday, the cat was bored. I saw small cat statues at temples. They are said to bring luck to their owner.
Wakari san came home. She gave me a pack of tissues. They have pokemon pictures any you can write your name on the package. Really!
I saw a documentation about fishes yesterday. It was about them being used for cooking.
I cleaned by coat and it is better now. I want to drink instead of water green tea from now on.
Yesterday, Wakari sna explained something to me on a paper. At the backside of the paper, there was something about fashion. (Wakari san studied fashion at the university). This was interesting!
Recently, I dream more in my nightsleep.
my spring uniform
At 10:25 we left. We already arived at school at 10:31, way too early (the meeting was scheduled to 11 o'clock)! We went a little around the school building. We also entered the sports hall. Some pupil made sports in there. One of them greeted us. Before entering the school, we changed our shoes. Then, we waited in a classroom and my English teacher entered (it turned out that she was not my english teacher, but okay). We greeted her and also a teacher, who is learning German. Everone was very friendly. I had expected them to be more stern and stricter. The English teacher praised everone and the German teacher said some things in German,
This is a very good school (almost 100% of the students enter university afterwards). There are a lot of school clubs, it is amazing!  I should pick the best club, what the German teacher helped me with. I think, I like the calligraphy club. The English teacher said, I should do the JLPT N4 test. This is great, but I do not know if I am capable of this. I am currently studying with a N4 book.
After that, I got my school uniform. I will lend it but I secretely hoped to have to buy it. My spring uniform is: a white blouse (my own), a dark blue dres (till the knees), a dark blue coat, knee socks (my own). In summer, I will only wear a shourt blouse, a waistcoat and knee socks.
Because I now have my uniform, I bought these pre- uniform to wear it at this meeting for about one hour. Seriously?
Everyone spoke English. This was easy but I hoped them to speak more Japanese, because learning Japanese is the reason for me to be here.
After the meeting, we ate out for lunch. We ate something funny. At Daiso,I bought masks (convenient~), a bottle of shampoo (but is is way too big- will I have to bring in back from Japan ? :() and searched for another JLPT N4 training book, but did not found one. I think, I can also train at the internet. Unfortunately, my credit card is not working at the supermarket's machine. I immediately told Wakari san and we went to another supermarket. I hope, it will work there.
AT about 4:45, we went to anther shop, where my credit card worked :). I withdrew about 10,000 Yen (about 90 dollars) Then, we went to a fruits shop and Wakari san wanted to buy bananas. But because they were not good, we went to another shop. I saw, that I could use
my credit card there as well.
After that, we went to the best ra-men noodle restaurant in the town (according to Wakari san) There was a whole ra-men noodle menu. The noodles were- so tasty! The 'ramen', I ate in germany are nothing compared to these. In Japan, they are a lot better! Because I had problems eating the hot soup, Wakri san called me  'neko-jita' (cat tounge), because cats cannot eat hot food as well. My stomach was full of tasty food and we left the restaurant. (I remember the peceful moment when I went out of the restaurant back in the car, filled with tasty food, seeing the black sky with lots of shop lights and I had the feeling, that I had somehow 'arrived in Japan at last)
Then, we went to a video/DVD store. Wakari san bought three DVDs.
At home, I ate a fish- shaped ice cream (filled with read beans cream).
Japanese people are really perfectionistic and like to plan. At the orientation camp.
Japanese people often comment things they like. I also started saying 'great', 'huge', 'cute' or 'pretty' sometimes.

I hope, you liked that part!
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