Why keeping a life- work balance is a bad advice

Hey everybody reading!
I bet you have heard a lot of tips and tricks on how to keep a balance between working and relaxation, how to reward your own work, what ratio of work and fun is the best and so on. To my mind, these tips make no sense.
Keeping a so called 'work- life balance' implies that work is no life, no fun, is not making you happy and is therefore something, you need time to relax after to keep your stress level small and prevent a burn- out. In my opinion, the problem is not not having a healthy balance between work and 'life' but that people do work at something that required this ratio because the work is tirering them.
I have a nice quote, that basically expresses my opinion on this:

 Choose a career which you love and you will never have to work  another day in your life (Confucius)

What this statement expresses is, that having a nice job, that you actually like and love and feel good at doing will prevent you from the most 'work stress' or other issues caused by work. 
This is certainly easier done than said. Even though everyone has at least one hobby, he or she really loves, only few are able to turn their hobby into a job to earn actual money for it. But a good work has not neccesarily to be your hobby, but an activity you really love and like doing. 

I am not yet at the point where I have to pursue in a job but when it comes to this time, I swore myself, I will do something I really, really, really like and not just take a job for it's salary.
This are my words for today, have a nice day and see you tomorro!

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