travel2japan #27 my first schoolday

Hey guys!
So, I was to Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm no going to do this. 
Some backround information:
I was to Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

#27 my first schoolday
Real date: April 6th, Monday

Ooh, it's my first day of school!  Besides me, there is another exchange student going to this school; her name is Amber and she is from the Netherlands. Today, I met her. At a schools paper, my name was written wrongly; 'Hpey LEVREY'. I forgot the present for my school! But as nobody noticed that, I think, it is okay.

Todays breakfast was normal yet tasty. I again cleaned my coat from cat hairs. For school, I will have an obento. Is Wakari san making one for me?
We went to school. After we brought Kouta san to the station, Wakari san brought me to school. Before, she ironed my skirt while I was wearing it!
There, we went in a room and my English teacher and Amber (without her host mother) entered, she is nice. We were explained the schedule. Really, her in Japan there is literally a schedule for anything!
We went in the teachers room and Wakari san left. In the teachers room, we introuduced ourselves shortly. Then we returned to the other room, where a teacher from Jamaika talked to us a lot about Japan. We also compared Japan to other countries. After about one hour of talking, we went into the gym room. The teacher went to the teachers and we sat down on a bench next to the English teacher. A ceremony began and new teachers were introuduced. Somehow, the first ceremony ended and the next began, We walked up to the stage and made a small self introuduction (in English?!) (It was a mistake not speaking in (even basic) Japanese there because a lot of people then regarded me as a person not capable of speaking Japanese.) and every classes homeroom teachers were introuduced. We went back to the room where we talked a bit with the teacher from Jamaika. Then, I was picked up by two girls of my class. I sat down at the very last chair in my class. (I introuduced myself briefly and nobody had any 'further questions', probably because I just talked about formal stuff) The teacher made some explainations (in Japanese...) The teacher handed round a lot of papers and made more explaination, I did not really understand a lot of.
The teacher told us about people from Australia which are going to visit Japan at the 8th of april. She asked, who wants to volunteer as a guide for this peole. After a long time, where nobody raised their hands, a girl and I volunteered to do so. The teacher asked me about three times until I agreed.
Then, me and the girl somehow left the class. I thought, we would go to the next class (health class) what would start soon. I asked whether we would go there , but the girl did not understand at all. Another student and the teacher who can speak German came, but nobody understood me. I said 'It's okay, let's go' and went with the girl.
We went to a room where we prepared games for the meeting with the Australian people; we 'trained' Bingo, a team play where we had to build the highest tower with newspapers. (In this room, I saw him for the first time)Then, we wrote our names in a list of the Australian people's names and prepared Welcome cards, where we wrote their names on. On the poster for 'our' Australian guy, we drew a Rilakkuma.
this girl and me 

In Germany, when one person has finished work like this, everyone else would finish after that as well, regardless of whether they re really done or not. Here, however, everyone finished at his own time, after he/ she was really done with the stuff.
We went in our classroom to eat lunch there but because Wakari san has not bring me lunch, we went to a 7- eleven shop. I bought an obento and made a picture with the girl. Then, we went back to school. In the classroom, we ate our obentos. Somehow, the girl wanted to eat my sousage. I said 'yes' but she ate her own sausage.
After that the girl wanted to go to her club, the tennis club. I wanted to try it out as well and took of my coat. But I could not try their club. I called Wakari san to tell her that I will stay at school to go to a club.
Then, the girl guided my to the calligraphy room, where the calligraphy club was. Today, they told me, I could only watch and not do calligraphy on my own (because the teacher was not there(?)) So, I just sat down and watched, it was interesting. A lot of girls drew letters on a big paper (a Japanese song's lyrics) while others sat down at tables, drawing smaller letters. One girl was the club's leader, her calligraphy even appeared in a calligraphy magazine. The club was about four hours (!). It was fun but because I could do nothing at all, I became tired. At about 4:40, I left (Wakari san wanted me to be home at about 5 o'clock).
I had a map with me but I was a bit confused with the way. When I arrived, Wakari san told me, that my counselor was on the telephone. We did not speak Japanese, I did not understand, why. I thought, my counslor wanted to hear me speaking Japanese. I talked about my day a bit and that I am having no problems. She told me, that Wakari san had told her about me studying in the holidays, what she was astonished about. Then, my counslor talked a bit with Wakari san.
After that, I gave all the papers to Wakari san. We filled in a kind of health test, what costed quite some time. Then, Wakari san prepared dinner. Dinner was a meat salad, tomatos, for me a curry pan (that was originally thought to be my lunch for today) and a meat egg bread.
Somehow (because I was very hungry), I ate too much. My stomach is full and hurts. At about 8:20 I slept in my room for 10 minutes. After that, it was better.
I took a shower and slept.
Japanese people's English is not so good. I often do not understand it. Japanese people often call me 'kawaii' (cute) They also say that I am tall (and ask: 'How tall are you?') and that my skin is bright.

I hope you liked this part!
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