travel2japan #29 my first really confusing school day

Hey guys!
So, I was to Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm no going to do this. 
Some backround information:
I was to Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

#29 my first really confusing school day 
Real date: April 8th, Wednesday

Good morning. Today, I woke up at 6 o'clock, but as I did not know what to do, I stayed in bed till 6:40. Tomorrow, I want to read before breakfast.
While I ate breakfast, Wakari san prepared my obento. It looks really tasty.
Because today is my first real schoolday, I went to school earlier. I wanted to leave at 7:40, but because it was cold and rainy, I doned a cap and a scarf and took an umbrella with me, so I was a bit late.
It was very cold and because my knees were naked, I freezed there. I searched for the way to school. At the school's entry, there was a stand for umbrellas, where I put my umbrella in. I also changed shoes.
Here, the teacher makes a lot of explainations before the classes start. I had a notebook with me, but there were a lot of things, I did not understand. I got some papers, but a lot not. I sometimes asked the girl sitting in front of me. Every studentis engaged in a club. Some kind of work was distributed.
Students are not allowed to wear accessories. Then, it was talked about a kind of university test.
After 10 minutes, a bell rang, the teacher went out and the students went around and talked with each other. Then we had classes. I sometimes asked the girl sitting in front of me about something. It was fun and I understood a bit. After school, I talked to a third grader in English. (He was one of the guys involved in the Australian exchange programm) in front of a classroom,
At 10 o'clock, I went to the room, where we met the Australian students. We got in groups and played the games. At the end, we received some Japanese sweets. It was fun.
After that, we went back in our classroom, where the next lesson was 'politics& economics'. I, however, would not study this subject, so I was confused but I did not want to say something, so I stayed there and hoped that the teacher would not recognize it.
My next class was Fine Arts, so I asked a teacher to show me the way there. But because today is some kind of special day, We do not have the classes 5 to 7 but instead the ones from 2 to 4 (?).
So, my next class was mathematics. I entered the room. Because it was an orientation day, they did not do methematics. I introuduced myself and the teacher handed round an explainaation paper.
I talked a bit to the teacher, who can speak German. I thought, he told me that he had studied German for one year, but he studied it for 5 years. It's impressing!
Today's obento were sausages, meat, rice with vegetables, an egg and vegetables. It was very tasty!
The next class after mathematics was English. I think I was the best there, but Japanese student really do not speak English (because they are too afraid). My homeroom (and English) teacher is very nice.
Because I like drawing, I wanted to try out the Fine Arts club today. There the teacher asked me, where I am from and I showed him the city on a map.
After that, we got pencils and drew on a real canvas! The teacher went around and gave everyone further drawing instructions, but he kind of hesitated to go to me. Everybody was silent. But there, the first time somebody said my Japanese to be okay (the teacher).
I drew a still life. When I had to go, the teacher looked at my picture and said it was good. A girl distributed small cookies, everyone ate.
Today, two Japanese girls said, they liked my eyes. I did not really know what to say, so I jsut said 'Thank you'. I do not know whether this was polite.
I went home but I forgot to take the umbrella wih me. But it was okay. At home, Wakari san told me how to clean my obento. After dinner, Kouta san came home.
It is very cold and today it was rainy to snowy. Even in bed, it was cold.
Wakari san said, I may go to Akihabara or Shibuya (districts of Tokyo) with my counselor in July. ~:)

I hope you liked this part!
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