travel2japan #42 the girl in front of me &progress issues

Hey guys!
So, I was to Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm no going to do this. 
Some backround information:
I was to Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba wit
h a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

#42 the girl in front of me &progress issues
Real date: April 21th, Tuesday

Today morning, I actually got up at 5 o'clock, dressed up, made myself ready and studied. (I read a book). At 7 o'clock, Wakari san called me for breakfast. As I always come downstairs at about 7:10, I do not understand, why she called me. When I stood up, it rained a bit, but at about 7 o'clock, it had stopped. I wonder, whether this is regardes as rain (If it does cound as rain, we will not have the sports test today.) I thought, it was no rain, so I originally only took a few things to school. But as I did not want to risk anything, I quickly also took my books with me.
It was regarded as rain. We will have the sports test at Thursdays, so today's schedule is the one of Thursday. I, however, somehow misunderstood and thought it to be the schedule of Tuesdays. But it was okay.
In the first period, I studied Japanese (with Amber). I wrote Kanji (chinese characters) and we talked. Then, the next lesson was crafts and I searched for the room. I quickly found it and was the first to arrive at the room. It was a fun lesson. After that I went in the library for the seccond time and then, I ate.
I often (also today) eat with one girl of my class who is also in calligraphy class and the girl who is sitting in front of me. I think they are nice and we talk a lot.
The next lesso was home economics, but we stayed in the classroom. I did not understand much. The next lesson was long homeroom class. They again talked about the bunkasai (school festival) and I talked a bit to the girl in front of me.
In calligraphy club, I wrote a bit, it was fun. I want to learn a lot of names today.

At home, I did the laundry. Because Wakari san was tired, we went to a restaurant. I literally said to her: 'Please speak Japanese with me' but she somehow continued the talk in English. At the restaurant, we ate ramen (noodles) soup with vegetables, an egg and meat, it was so tasty! Wakari san said to me (in English): 'If you want to pass the JLPT (Japanese test), you have to study more grammar' :/

I am trying so hard, but nothing improves. Today, Wakari san again spoke no Japanese with em at all.
I studied and took a shower. There, I contemplated a lot. :'( I have two main worries; 1.) After the 4 1/2 month here, my Japanese will still be bad 2.) I will get kicked out. I am sad and want to study more but I am so tired. Tomorrow I will say Wakari san that I want her to speak Japanese with me. Since I have come to Japan, one month has passed, but I did not learn a lot :/

I hope, you liked that part!
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