travel2japan #43 advice from my agony aunt


Hey guys!
So, I was to Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm no going to do this. 
Some backround information:
I was to Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba wit
h a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

#43 advice from my agony aunt 
Real date: April 22th, Wednesday

Today morning, I woke and got up at 5 o'clock. I made myself ready and studied. Because I was in the kitchen early, I finished breakfast at about 7:10. The breakfast consisted of an apple, vegetable juice, onigiri (rice balls) and scumbled eggs, it was tasty! Wakari san talked to me two times in Enlgish this morning. As she spoke very quickly, I could not interrrupt (and tell her to speak Japanese)
I want to print out pictures of German food (for the posters) at the food shop. So, I left the house early. But as the shop openes at 9 o'clock, I will have to do it after school.

As I am having some problems, I am now going to play agony aunt for myself.
Q: I am currently in a foreign country but I am not improving in the language. What should I do?
A: First of all, make sure that you speak the language with everyone, so with:

    ☑ your hostmoster
  ☑ your hostfather
    ☑ your techers (all!)
    ☑ your classmates
☑ Also, ask a lot of questions. Ask them
   ☑ your host family
   ☑ your classmates
☑ Write your diary in the foreign language (and translate it)
☑ Write difficult words on cards and hand them up in your room
☑ Study vocabulary and gramar every morning with Anki (a vocabulary app)
☑ Write your own list of words, you do not know
☑ Also write down the time, you studied
☑ Do not give up
--> You will make it 

So now, I have a plan, what makes me feel better. I wanted to write in my diary at school to study. Although I am making a lot of mistakes while writing, I like it. Apart from this issue, I do not have any trouble. Vocabulary is my only problem, a big one.  I will be here for 4 1/2 month, now I still have 3 1/2 month. But 3 1/2 month are 115 days, only 115 days.
In today's lunch break, I want to go to the 7 11 store to use the W-Lan there to make myself LINE (Japanese WhatsApp) on my phone. LINE is more beneficial that text messaging. After school, I will print out the pictures of German food. I want to make 4 posters and I think, my teacher will be astonished.
Today, I want to write the exchange report for WYS. 
Then, I went to the library and studied there. I think, I should write something. In four minutes is this lesson over. A teacher went in. Her reads something. Two minutes. Amber packs her stuff. Yes, I will go now. I went to my classroom but there, somebody told me that the net lesson is not English, but the lesson after that. My next lesson is mathematics, so I went to another room. Mathematics was okay, I understood a bit.
In lunch break, I went to the 7 11 and ate afterwards. The W- Lan there was good but for registering in LINE, I had to typle in my own phone number. As I do not know it, I will look it up at home and come back to the 7 11 tomorrow and then I will really apply LINE on my phone. Because of the W-Lan, all the WhatsApp messages arrived on my phone. I saw that my letter arrived in Germany, yay~! I think, reading it, made me a little homesick.
After that, I ate together with the same girls as yesterday, I want to eat with them from now on. This is good.
For the next period, Iwent in the library (with Amber). At the toilet, Iread the whole chat. It was funny and there were a lot of tasty pictures send. I kind of miss my family. 
(comparinng Ambers and my exchange organization in terma of costs)
Next, I went to Fine Arts class. It was not so good to read this chat. Now I feel like I am a bit excludet and out of Japan. (I would recommend keeping very little contact with your own family as an exchange student. Especially direct contact (like calling or messaging) is not so beneficial for your integration process).
At Fine Arts class, I sat on a table with students from class 2G but some students from class 2F were sitting there as well. Some boys there were talking constantly. It was annoying yet funny. The teacher told me something, I did not understand. When I sayed something, he did not understand as well so it was all a little complicated and made me sad. :'( (As you can see through the last posts, my honeyman stage is ending and a harder part of my journey begins)
Calligraphy club was not so good as well. Some guys came and cleaned the room, before we entered.

At the shopping mall, I printed out pictures of German food. At home, Wakari san explained my some vocabulary. I said: 'Please speak Japanese' two times. I do not know, whether she understood. 
Kouta san came home at half past 7 and ate. Now, I will make the report for WYS.

I hope, you liked that part!
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