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Hey guys!
So, I was in Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm no going to do this. 
Some background information:
I was in Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

 #51 New plans
Real date: April 30th, Thursday

Today, it is one month and 10 days, since I came to Japan. I will eat the seccond chocolate car today. I will be here another 3 month. After waking up, I changes clothes, made myslef ready and then went in the kithcen and studied. At 6 o'clock, Wakari san wake up, shortly after Kouta san. While Wakari san prepared breakfast, Kouta san and me watched TV and talked. Now, Wakari san is preparing my obento (lunch box) It smells good! Yesterday, Wakari san explained me, why I should not say 'Okay' or 'Good'. 'Okay' for example, can have two meanings: 'It is okay without XY, I am fine, thanks' or 'This is okay, I would like to do it.' So, I will not say it anymore.

Together, we took off. Wakari san wants me to return today already at 5 o'clock (but she did not say, why). While in the car, we talked about some women passing by.

My first lesson today was in the library, where I studied Japanese with my smartphone. Then, I went to the craft room, but the teacher there told me that today we are having Wednesdays' schedule. The first lesson today would have been biologry. Oups. So, my next lesson insteat was again studying Japanese. But as I did not want to return to the library, I went in an empty classroom and studied there. I also ate a bit from my obento It was tasty. Then, I went to class 1 A. mathematics was okay, but I did not understand.
Then, I had English class (in the classroom) We (finally!) started lesson 2; foreign countries and languages. It is interesting. In my desk, I found a paper, where everyone could write a theme idea for this year's bunkasai (school festival) and it's decoration. I wrote 'Do what you love * Love what you do'.
Then, as ever, I went to the 7 11 store in lunch break. But, somehow, I could not find the LINE IDs of Kyoka and Ami. So, I quickly went back to school and ate my obento and talked. Kyoka and Ami gave me their LINE IDs, probably this will work. Today'S obento consisted of meat (filled with cheese), tomato, a hot vegetable, onigiris (rice balls), an egg and cheese. It was tasty!
After that, I again went to the library. Today, I already extended my study time to 3 hours 10. I studied with my smartphone.
Next, I went to the Fine Arts classroom, where we started drawing pictures of flowers. I like this class but today, two boys on my table fooled around, this was annoying. After that, I went to homeroom class.
After that, I went to calligraphy club. Today, however, we did not write but everyone (except for the firstgraders) choose their best written Kanji out of all papers. I again studies everyone's names. I left already at half past four. In my classroom, I saw the ESS club having a 'Welcome, firstgraders, bye, thirdgraders' party. They had a lot of food there and I tried some chips, chocolate and popcorn, it was tasty! (Him. He was definitely there.)
Then, I really left. On the playground, I met a teacher and chattet a bit, but he spoke English.

At home, I was the first to arrive, Wakari san came shortly after. She went in her room and I changed clothes, washed my obento box, studied and wrote diary. But I still do not know, why I had to come home earlier today? (As she was not doing anything in particular with me) At 6:20, Wakari san started preparing dinner. Now, she is in the kitchen while I am watching TV. There was a channel about a girl, now it are news. Today, I actually studied 4 hours. what is good, I think. I am looking forward to dinner.
Before dinner, I went to the toilet. As the cat was in there, I wanted to shoo it away. It bit me and this hurts a bit.
Dinner was tasty as well as desert. After dinner, Wakari san quickly went into her room to draw calligraphy. At the PC, I dicovered a mail from my counselour. She is so nice. In May, she wants to visit me and my hostfamily. Moreover, she invited me to andorientation camp in May, where some exchange students as well as Japanese exchange students will go to. Also, she asked me to go to Kabuki theater in June with other exchange students. For some reason, she always writes me in English, although I answer in Japanese.
Then, I took a shower and went to Wakari sans room to say good night to her. So, in my room, I ate a chocolate car. This month passed quickly. I think, my Japanese has at least improved a bit, comparing it with the last time, I was to an orientation camp of WYS. I was a bit homesick again, but I think, this is kind of normal. Although I am now more used to life in Japan, everyday still is interesting. I am now in Japan for one month and ten days. Is this long? Not long?
However, I will continue to study and I am looking forward to the next three month and the experiences I will make. Good night

I hope, you liked that part!
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