travel2japan #53 a lighthouse & lots of explainations

Hey guys!
So, I was in Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm now going to do this. 
Some background information:
I was in Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

 #53 a lighthouse & lots of explainations
Real date: May 2nd, Saturday

Today, I got up at 6 o'clock after falling asleep two times after my alarm rang. I went downstairs, where Kouta san already was. When the bathroom was free, I said 'Please go first' but he wanted me to use the bathroom first.

After that, Kouta san and I went for a short stroke. We came across on temple and one shrine. They were small and at one we saw a kind of guardman cleaning the building. Here in the city, there are a lot of old houses. Kouta san and I talked a bit. I asked him what he wants to do in the Golden Week but he did not know.
At home, Wakari san already waited for us. We ate breakfast, that consisted of bread with butter and jam, smashed eggs, a small sausage, an apple and brokoli with a souce. It was tasty. I asked if they had ideas for the Golden Week. Wakari san said it is my time. She also said that in the Golden Week, a lot of motorways and streets are very travelled by, so it will be difficult to drive somewhere. I said that I want to go to Tokyo. It is okay. When I came back from the bathroom, Wakari san said that it is better for me to go to Tokyo tomorrow. Okay.
I read the e- mail from my counselour and showed it to Wakari san. It is okay, but as Kabuki theater takes place on a friday (when I have school), I cannot go there. This is sad, but I am glad that I can go to the orientation camp, what I looked forward to more. So, I will now answer.
We are now watching TV and I am tired. I wanted to clean the stairs, but Wakari san said that she will do it today. I do not know what to do today, but I do not want to ask. I guess, I will study a bit..
Today, we went to a shrine. I did not know how expensive it will be and I might spend a lot of money there, what is not good. I have a idea for saving money, I would spend for my obento (lunch box). At daiso(one coint store) I will get myself a small obento. At Thursdays, I will only eat half my obento, go on the toilet and put the other half in the seccond obento. So, at Fridays, I will have a free obento to eat. Yay~ (This was a very stupid idea. Not, because it did not work but because I did not come to Japan to save money, especially not when it comes to eating. I was unhealthily sparingly back then.)
We went to the shrine. Before, we went to a kind of open garden small shrine in which there was also a restaurant. There, I ate a kind of jelly with bean paste and fruits. It was tasty.
We then, however, did not actually go to the shrine but visited the most Eastern place of Japan. While driving there, I asked some questions about my travel to Tokyo tomorrow, but they always answered that they did not know. After two hours of driving, we arrived at a small beach with a lot of houses standing there. It was beautiful. There was also a white lighthouse in the near. After going around a little, we went to the beach. Back at the car, Wakari san told me something. I thought she said that I whould go to the lighthouse while they were driving there by car so I started going but Wakari san called me back and laughed about me. I almost cried.

We drove to the near of the lighthouse. In a building there, we searched for a place to eat. As it was near the sea, in the building there was a huge fishmarket. They even selled octopusses.Wakari san bought a fish. We went in a restaurant, left, went in another and left again and then went in a restaurant and finall sat down. There, we ate rice, miso soup, a pink vegetable and fish and vegetable tempura (tasty!) It was tasty, but everyone ate so quickly so I did so to. Because I was hungry, I ate a lot and now, I am really full. While eating, Wakari san somehow bought more fish. From the top of the shopping mall, you had an amazing view. But it was very loud and noisy.
We returned home. We were all very tired. I tried to study a bit. Then, there was the song 'Shake it up' in the radio and I somehow did not feel tired anymore. Maybe, I should listen to more music here. (I almost did not listen to music at all).
At home, Wakari san did some work in the garden and Kouta san wanted to go for a stroke with the cat but it did not want to. (He seriously tried to leash it. It looked very funny). Now, Kouta san is working in the garden and Wakari san searches for a train for me to take tomorrow,
I want to start a money diary. I will have certain cathegories like family, going out, food, school and sort in all my expenses. I think, this will be beneficial for keeping an eye on my money.
Wakari san has printed out so much for my trip to Tokyo tomorrow; maps, pictures, explainations,.. (why?!) Kouta and her came and explained me a lot of things, what took a very long time. One time, Wakari san called me 'Janet' (the previous exchange student of my host family).
We finally ate and it was very tasty. But as the TV was off, it was a kind of weird situation, because I did not really know what to talk about. But as Kouta san then switched the TV on again, we talked and it was good. I did not eat much and Wakari san gave me an onigiri(rice ball) After having eaten it, I said: 'I finished it' and everyone laughed. Kouta san explained to me, that this term means 'drunken' Okay, I understood. Then, they again explained to me, where I should go tomorrow in Shibuya, Tokyo and what I should eat. Really! I will eat, what I want to. As it was late, I did not eat icecream and quickly took a shower.
I am tired, but there are still a lot of things I want to do..

I hope, you liked that part!
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