a zero waste life


I want to live a zero waste life.
That means that everything, every product I use, can be recyled or reused and does not become another pice on the huge worldwide trash pile. It also means not buying ay products that will somehow develop trash that has to be put in a grabage bin.
So, how did I come to this decision?
Ever since, I fantazised and thought about amking my own products, like growing vegetables and making shampoo and soap by myself. Although this was rather a crazy DIY idea than a really constructed lifestyle plan, I would regard this as the begin of this idea.
As I was raised to think a little more about the enovirement, than average people do (e.g. using fabric instead of plastic bags, using reusable bottles instead of buying them with the content, lending books instead of buying them, etc..) I often thought about how to reuse stuff and how to lessen the trash a produce a litte.
What then, however, spread the idea of a zero wast life in my brain was this Ted talk where a girl called Lauren Singer talkes about her own almost zero waste lifestyle. A few days after having listened to this talk, I searched for her on the internet. This quickly developt in a long internet session of researching and browsing and reading about a zero waste life. I came across Lauren Singers blog  and youtube channel as well as two other blogs about a no trash life, named notrashproject and zero waste home. And now, I want to try it out.

And how will I do that?
Developing a zero waste life takes place in two main steps;
1.) examination
The first step is to open your eyes for your trash and examine your waste carefully. What is it that you throw in the garbage bin? What waste do you produce or cause? How much? What kind of waste?
For the next one or two month, these are the questions that I want to ask myself. Of couse, the two steps blend into each other fluently, but this is the first step, I want to take.
2. ) reduction of trash
After getting to known what kind of waste you are producing, the next step is to reduce the amount of trash, you are putting out to the world. At first, this means producing less waste: Furthermore, it includes learning how to recycle and reuse things, you would put into your garbage can.

Are there any difficulties, I might face?
Uhm, yes. I am not living on my own. Currently, I share this house with three members of my family and I would consider myself a minor in this home. I cannot reduce or avoid other people of my family making trash and this is certainly nothing I want to waste my time with. For first, I will focus on my own enoviremental effect and what I personally can do about it. I may, however, also evoke some changes in other parts of this house.

And how will I share the change on my blog?
So, as I am starting with the first step, examination, this is what I may blogg about in the next time. I may make a weekly 'trash of the week' update and talk about my examination results. Diving deeper into this, I think, I will be able to form cathegories of waste I am producing.
After this, I plan to show the changes I make in my lifestyle on this blog as tutorials, reviews or experience reports.
Here I will talk about my weekly waste and how I want to improve

inspiration and motivation links:1, 2, 3, 4

So, I really hope you enjoyed and got inspired reading this and I will see you tomorrow!

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