cosplay: Dharma suit (LOST) #1: preparation

Hello, everybody!
As you might know, I sometimes sew, mostly small stuff that does not take too much time. But I do, indeed, also cosplay. So, I cosplayed one time until now (not counting my first very horrible cosplay that I did not invest more than onw hour in). And now, I want to start my seccond cosplay. 

But first of the basics:
What is cosplay?
 Cosplay is a performance art where the costume players dress up a certain way to represent a specific character, mostly of mangas, comic novels or movies. (For further information, check wikipedia)

The person I want to cosplay:
 is not a person. After having watched LOST, I definitely wanted to cosplay a character of the show. As most characters, however, have a quite normal look, the cosplay would be hard to recognize as one. So I searched for something that is a typical clothing, you would only find in LOST. What I then decided to make was a working suit of the Dharma Initiative. Instead of cosplaying a pecific character wearing that suit, I will make a regular working suit as if I would be just one worksman of the Dharma Initiative.

The first step: preparation

1.1. planning
 As I learned through sewing experiences, you are doing good if you do not start sewing right away but rather take some time to plan and organize your project. My budget for the cosplay was 40 euros(that I by the way already transcended)and 45 hours of working time. 
 As  sewing always occupies a lot of space on my desk, makes a threat mess and takes time, I scheduled three whole days in a row for sewing with the machine. Handwewing I already started partly.
 Nextly, I made a plan of what the suit should look like at the end. To keep it as close to the original as possible, I used a lot of photos from diffrent perspectives and angles as reference. Having this outline, I thought, how the cosplay could be sewed. By that, I mean the concrete steps and order of parts, I have to do to sew the cosplay appropriately. While making a list of cutting forms, I simultaniously worked out a step- by- step sewing plan. Doing both of this steps at once ensured that the cutting forms had the right size to be actually sewed. The plan provides double- sewing the 'vest' of the suit as well as the pocket flaps, the belt and the belt loops and the sleeve hem. For the cutting forms, I then took a measuring tape and measured my own size to adjust the cutting forms size. 
 Having all this information, I calculated the amount of fabric, threat, zippers and buttons, I will need and went to a fabric store

1.2.  shopping
 At the fabric store, I bought 6 square meters of fabric (So, I bought 3 meters, but the fabric was double- laid). To ensure the right color, I had printed out a picture of a scene from LOST where the suits were wearn. I found a color quite close to this and also touched the fabric to check if it is an a little hard, non- elastic fabric. I also bought a zipper by the length of 65 centimeters in the same color as well as 16 inner and 10 outer press studs (silver) and 2 roles of upper and 5 roles of bobbin threat (also in the same color). What I also needed, but did not bought was a small piece of white fabric as well as black threat (for the Dharma logo.

1.3.  cutting forms
 Having all materials, the preparation of the sewing process could begin. With measuring tape and fabric pen, I transferred the cutting forms in the right size on the fabric and cutted them out. I would highly reccomend to use a fabric scissors. To do not tangle up with the forms, I labelled all of them with the same letters, I also used in the sewing plan. If there was a right or left size of a cutting form, I also wrote this on the fabric's backside. 

 So, now the cosplay is basically prepared and the cutting forms have to be 'just' sewed togehter.
 I hope you found this article informative and helpful and might be inspired to make your own cosplay now.

See you soon,

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