cosplay: Dharma suit (LOST) #4: pockets and finish

Hey, guys!
Yesterday, I sewed my cosplay to be almost done so today, I could finish sewing my cosplay. I added the belt, butt pockets and front pockets on the lags and whipstitched the leg's bottom enge. Then; I finished off the sewing by taking a few measures.

The forth step: pockets and finish
(important: I double- sewed every seam!)
4.1. the belt
For the belt, I had a long panel of fabric (O), that I first sewed on the press buttons on both sides. Then, I sewed together O1 and O2 (front and back side) and after turning it overto the right side, I sewed around the edges to make it flatter.

4.2. pockets on the front of the leg (2x) 
I first sewed together the pocket itself, consisting of K(front) and L (backside). Then, I cutted a hole in the shape of K in the front leg part of A/B. There, I now could sew along the edges of K (on the left side).When turned around, I now had a pag in the size of L.

4.3. butt pockets (2x)
I started by sewing the pocket lug that will cover the pocket. For this, I first sewed an inner press button to M1 and then sewed this piece of fabric together with M2 (the press button is on the inside). I left a hole, with which I could turn over the lap to the right side. This lap I then sewed left side into the leg backpart (I/ J). Now, I could estimate the position, where the outer press button had to be on the leg part.
After sewing it on. I went on with the actual pocket. For this,  I sewed together N1 and N2, so that I had a pocket. This pocket I then sewed on left side on left side on the inner side of the leg, where the lap was already sewed on.

4.4. whipstitch the leg bottom
I folded the bottom edge of both legs to the inside and sewed round the whole edge, so that it looks smoother from the outside

4.5. finishing the sewing
So, the sewing of my cosplay was over now. To 'finish it off'. I first took a scissors and removed all unnecessary pieces of fabric and threats. It was quite a huge amount. Then, I put the jumsuit into the washing machine, wher all visible fabric pen marks were washed off. After repairing some small parts, I roned it and now, the jumpsuit is done.
As you can see on the picture, the jumsuit does not really fit that perfectly. As I underestimated the length of the waistcoat part, the breast pockets and the Dharma logo are way too far down. Around the sleeves and legs, there are a lot of folds and the collar part does not look very apropriate as well.
The whole shape of the jumsuit is not very body shape- supporting. I will, however, wear this cosplay and I am proud of doing it all by myself. It think. for the seccond (real) cosplay, I ever made, it was a pretty good try.
What I will adress in the next blog post is the styling of my make up and hair and the overall outfit.

I hope, you enjoyed this tutorial and I will see cou tomorrow.

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