decluttering my storage shelf (without waste)

Hello, everyone!
I usually put items, I do not know whether to keep or not, in a storage shelf in my room. As you can see at the 'before' picture, it has become pretty cluttered. The content are things from the last 1- 2 month, that I did not know whether to really put away or I simply had no idea what to do with.
Yesterday, I took all of these items, divided them into items, I want to keep and those, I want to put away and then took out the 'put away' items and decided what to do with them.

The items, I will keep for now are: my desk lamb (the second small lamb in my room; I am not really sure whether I need it), my doorstopper, some socks (I have way too much socks at the moemnt), my alarm clock (At the time, I am using my smartphone as alarm clock) and a small pile of colorful papers.

Now about the items I did not keep:
1. books, comics and films: Apart from a few films, my mother wanted to have, I donated them to our local library. This way, I know, they are 'invested' into suistainable education

2.old clothes: These I put in the old-clothes bag. I have to admit that I did not so very much research about old- clothing bags. I have heard that there are diffrent 'brands' that handle the textiles diffrently but more I do not know yet.

3.cue cards, I do not study with anymore: The used cue cards I used for my experiment of recyling paper LINK. I put the blank ones with the cardbox in a 'bureau- box' in our basement so that other family members may use them later.

4.manga posters: I did keep posters, I really like and connect great memories with. Other posters, however, I remember only buying to be considered as a 'real fan' despite not really loving them. Furthermore, I do not have the place in my room to hang up all posters, what would, by the way, also not look very nice in my opinion. So, the posters, I do not want to have anymore, I am going to bring to a bring& buy booth on the next manga convention

5.staicker sheets: When I was in love of the brand TOPModel, I used to buy a lot of drawing books and magazines of the brand, that always came with sticker sheets. I will give those to a neighbour, who has a small child that might like using these stickers.

6.tinker utensils: In my 'scrapbooking- phase', I had a lot of diffrent utensils to create my scrapbooks, from which a lot remained. My mother will ask a friend of hers, who is very much into tinkering, whether she wnats to have them.

7.uncathegorized stuff including film reels, a picture frame and jewellry. I gave the film reels back to my aunt, who has an old camera, those can be used in and will give the picture frame to a friend of mine(I send a picture of the remaining items to my friends, asking them whether they are interested in one of them) The jewellry(two pairs of earrings) is the only item still remaining

8.uncathegorized stuff II, including a pink notebook and two bin bags, I had kept all the stuff in. The notebook, I divided into blank pages, cover pages and remaining glue part. I used the cover pages for my paper recyling experiment LINK, put the blank pages on my notepad pile and only put the remaining glue part in the garbage bin. I put the two bin bags on the pile of bin bags in our house

9.stationary, including pencils, a rubber and post- its, All of it went to the bureau box in our hose.

As you can see, the only remaining items are the jewellry and the glue of the notebook, I disposed. Almost every item can be in some way donated or given somewhere to make another person enjoy it. There is no need for throwing all old items into the garbage, how unneccessary they may seem to you.

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