How Japan changed my life before my departure

Hey, everyone!
I have already talked about a little (link: travel2japan #61). I benefitted of Japan not only because I could easily study Japanese, make new friends and have a great time, it also benefitted me as a great happening changing my life standards and thoughts forever (at least till nor forever).

As this is a really comprehensive topic, I splitted it in three main parts:

  • How Japan changed my life before my departure
  • How I changed in Japan
  • How I benefit form Japan afterwards
Today, I will start with the first part.
I have already explained, how it came to me developing the idea of going to Japan. Now, this is nothing, one just decides and sets between breakfast and lunch. I really thought about it, various times in many diffrent ways. Then, I had also to convince my parents what was for sure the highest hurdle to jump. I, however, just kind of did this things without thinking about it too closely.  
The real change started, when my departure was about a 3/4 year ahead. It was the time when I was the deepest into depression, I had very negative feelings and thoughts of hopelessness, I did nothing and hated me for it, I liked nobody and yet did not want to be let alone. At this very time, I also had to figure out how to study Japanese in preparation for my student exchange. In doing so, I needed a plan.
I remember that it was the first of september in this year when I went to our town and purchased a book about Japanese grammar. This book, that was divided into smaller chapters, kind of outlined a language learning plan for me. Apart from dreaming about a broad knowledge in Japanese, I could now take action and study actively. Although I did not keep the studying habit, I had made up originally but it was the first steps and likewise, further steps came. I made a filofax calendar for myself (that I did not use longer than a few days), I put great effort creating and designing two sheets that should work as a calendar for me and outlined my life (this really worked for a longer period of time), I created studying habits with this caledar sheets, I got another, bigger calendar, I started organizing my life with. Then, as 'flying practice', I flew to Berlin in Janurary what was not only the greatest experience in my life but also the first step of mine to look out for universities and soon find the university, I want to go to. Having this plan in mind then gave even more structure and plan to my life as well as the Anki application, I discovered shortly after and the interest of psychology, the subject I want to study at university and now read books about. I used my calendar as a planning and reflecting tool for my life. For some reason, it also helped me seeing the beauty in life. My three sayings became 'follow the sun', 'life is beautiful' and 'everything is gonna be okay'. At this time, I also came into the life- guru- scene as I call it. I watched videos about people showing how to plan and organize your time and life, how to achieve more happiness and sucess, develop self- dicipline and time- management skills. I actually do not know anymore, what the trigger for this change was but it somehow had to do with this new calendar. I started making planes for an amazing life after Japan. 
All these changes have two things in common: a) they were in some way evoked by my plan of traveling to Japan (because they were required or I dicovered them while preparing for the student exchange) b) they gave structure to my life and this was exactly what I needed at this troublesome and chaotic time of depression when I had no idea how to do anything and no hope to do it anyway. 
It was, of course, not always perfect in this time form september, the 1st to march, the 21st, but it was a time of uprise and developing happiness. Especially in the new year, when I also started developing a jogging habit and mornign routines, I remember it as a time, when the world opened its beauty for me, what I expressed in my statement of  'follow the sun'.

This time really opened my eyes and changed my life from just reacting to the circumstances and living around all the time to pure, open and beautiful living with open eyes and an open mind.
This was all for today. Thank you for your attention. 

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