Is it worth googleing?

Hello, everybody!
The internet has become increadibly important, entertaining and useful for us. Especially with search engines like google, offering you everything you need within secconds. So, it is a lot easier to get information and make the right decisions.
Well, not always.
I, indeed, believe that googleing slows down our decision making skills while enlarging the time, it takes us to decide about something. If you do not know what to do, you often google it. But in a lot of cases, you did not get the information you needed, get too much or too little information or, most dangerously, get cought into distractions leading to pages off the topic. So, you waste time on google and the results, you find are often not influencing your decision at all or confuse you even more.
So, here is a list of cases when you should refuse the colored search engine:

If the topic is personal
Of course, the internet is big enough to let you find people who share your issues and thoughts but if you google for a solution for your own, private, individual problem, this is not going to help you. The internet can never know your exact circumstances, feelings, influences and thoughs. If you are considering breaking up with your boyfriend, you should rather consider the situation yourself that wasting time on the internet trying to explain your problem.

If the answer is obvious
If you type in various question word or phrases into google, you will quickly come over some really stupid questions that just make you think how somebody can be so stupid to actually not know the answer. But I bet that you, yourself often explained a problem to google, you thought to know the answer to "just to see what others think" or to "check if I am right". Not rarely, this is a way of procrastinating on actions you know you should take. If you are having serious health issues, you should bettter consult a doctor then the internet.

If you already know the answer
How often did googleing something changed your mind? Well, how often didn't it so do? Although some results may be enlightening or mind- opening, the majority of the time, googleing something is not going to help you decide. If you are already sure about your decision, google will not make you change it it. If yes, your were not sure about your decision or about the problem.

If you are not clear about the problem
You may have already experienced trying to explain a problem or case to google ybut not really finding the right words. This is often because you do not really know what you want to know about. In this case, again, google will help you wasting time but not solving your problem. First, get clear abbout your problem and then decide whether it is worth googling.

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