Japantag 2016 (+ how I remained almost waste- free)

Hey, everyone!
Yesterday, I was to the Japantag (Japan day) 2016 in Düsseldorf and it really amazing. I was so happy to see Japanese arts and culture in real life again and, especially, speak Japanese. I saw a lot of amazing cosplays and styles as well as so much beautiful kimono- dressed people. Here are some impressions of this wonderful day:

Unfortunately, this are not the only impressions, I have to show. As with every big event, it was not only a place of fascination and fun but also a place of especially one thing: trash.

As visible, the waste there mainly consisted of food packaging, drink bottles, disposable chopsticks and flyers/ magazines. 
So, what did I do to avoid this trash?
At other conventions, I used to take my own food (most of the time pancaked) with me. Because, however, I wanted to carry as little weight with me as possible and, more importantly, eat a Japanese meal at the Japan day, I did indtead take two bento boxes with me. They fit into each other because they have a slightly diffrent size. This is useful as diffrent portions can be packed in them. Moreover, I took my refillable metallic water bottle with me. 
So, when we were getting hungry, I decided to eat Gyouza (dumplings). I took out my brown bento box and lined up in front of the food corner. With a heavily beating heart, I thought about every possible response, my request could evoke and how I would react to this. When it was my turn, I just said: 'I'd like to have Gyouza. Can you please put it in here' Without any questions, the woman at the desk just took my box and put in 5 Gyouza. It was literally as easy as that. Regarding drinking, I refilled my waterbottle twice at a restaurant what did not cost any money. Later on the day, however, we went for a snack and I bought bread rolls. As I had no bag with me, I just bought them in a disposable transparent plastic bag. So now, I know better for the next time.
Apart from food, another trash source are flyers/ magazines/ advertisement papers and other that were distributed at almost every booth. On previous conventions, I somehow had a ambition to collect any flyer, buisness card and shop paper that was distributed for free, regardless of whether I was interested in it or not. Now, I did diffrently. I said 'No, thanks' to any paper that was given to me. I did, indeed, bring home three papers that I received at the Chiba prefecture booth. Not because I wanted to collect flyers but because I am interested in the prefecture, spoke with people at the booth and got explained the two diffrenet magazines. I am, however, quite sure that I will not keep the whole magazines. Instead, I am going to cut out what I regard interesting and try to recycle the rest. With the magazines, I also received a postcard that I send to a Japanese friend. Moreover, I also said 'No thanks' to any plastic bags that were offered me. I had a regular backpack with me where I could put in all of my stuff. The only thing, I purchased (a hair pin) was offered completely package free. Lastly, I got a small item from the Fukushima prefecture booth. It was a tumbler, unfortunately in a plastic bag. As the small plastic package has just the right size to put my fimo minatures in, I chosed to reuse it. 

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