Recyling paper (experiment)

Hello, friends of zero trash.
As I discovered, a high amount of my trash consists of paper waste. This is because I am very paper- using person at the time but also due to a lot of gifts, I received that consisted to a big part of paper. Although the first step to avoid waste of cource is to eliminate the source and not the effect of the problem, I did the latter. I recycled paper by myself.

Why should you recycle paper?
For many reasons, it is more suistainable to recycle paper. Although we today have the possibility to put paper waste in a specified bin that claims to recycle the paper, this practice still is enovirementally harming. Although it creates a smaller impact on the enovirement, the industrial process of recycling paper still is connected with pollution and destruction of nature. Furthermore, you will have to buy the paper if you want to use it. More often than not, the product with recyled paper contains plastic or unrecyled paper as well (e.g. in the envelope or cover). Buying this products equals voting for more production. Recyling your paper yourself is not only less enovirementally critical, it also saves money and paper waste.
If buying paper, however, I would choose recycled paper- after all it is less of an evil than not recyled one (source)

How to make paper
What you need:
-old paper Make sure that there is really no plastic or other substances in it but paper
-one preferably two tubs or big bottles
-a mixer or immersion blender
-a wooden plate in the size your paper should have

Do it at the best on a sunny, warm day. Start in the evening before with step 1
1. preparation
For preparation, take the paper and rip it into small pieces (mine were about 4cm x 4cm). In doing so, I recommend first ripping every pice of paper into stripes and then ripping the stripes into small pieces. Then put all the snippets in your bottle and fill it till the edge with water. Let it stay for the night

2. making the paper mixture
On the next day, it is time to make the paper mixture. So, take your bottle with paper and water in the kitchen. With the immersion blender, mix the substances together till a viscous, monocolor substance has emerged. (As you can see, my substance is not really that smoothe, but it was okay.) In doing so, put the already merged substance from the top into your seccond tub. Doing this will help you reach the bottom of your bottle with the immersion blender and really merge everything.

3. forming paper sheets
This step I would reccommend doing outside because it will get a little messy. Then take about a handful of your paper mixture and wring out the most water but do not overdo it. Take the substance and press it on your wooden plate. Pound the mixture until it is flat and fits the form of your wooden plate.

4. letting the paper dry
Now, it is time to dry the papers. Letting them dry in the sunlight is certainly the best and easiest way. As I made the paper on a rather cloudy day, I had to go for other solutions. So I also put other waste paper around my paper to let it absorb the liquid or put the paper sheets into the oven. Letting them dry in my room took about 6 days.

--> enoviremental impacts/ conclusion
As I did this the first time, I would consider it as a nice first try. Yet, it this was far from how it should be. Considering the water, I used to create the paper mixture and wash the kitchen and my utensils afterwards, the waste paper, I used to help the drying process as well as the energy, it took to carry on the immersion blender and oven, I highly doubt that I have avoided more negative impacts on the enovirement than I caused.
I will, however, definitely try this out again, although, as already claimed above, the first step is to eliminate paper waste in the first place. When doing this experiment again, I want to try to find a more clean (so that the paper will actually be thin, smoothe and usable as writing paper) and effective (saving more energy than I am wasting). So, I will keep you updated on this.
It was, nevertheless, an interesting experience.

I hope, thi post has entertained and inspired you and I'll see you tomorrow.

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