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Hey guys!
So, I was in Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm now going to do this. 
Some background information:
I was in Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

 #59 Like ying and yan
Real date: May 8th, Friday

Today morning, I studied a bit with my smartphone. I also made some notes about the names of food (so that no weird situations like yesteraday LINK evoke). I then went downstairs, got ready and fed the cat. Brakfast was tasty. As the TV was off, I asked whether it would be okay to turn it on and did so. We watched a children's show and talked a bit. For some reason, Wakari san talked English with me. As I did not understand a lot what she was saying, it was difficult.

I do not really undstand it. Every friday, Wakari san does not prepare an obento (lunch box) for me, so I have to buy something at school. But today(friday) she stood up the same time as always, when she does prepare an obento, her morning is the same. Probably she just wants to have one day off in the week. I asked her; she will come home today at 6 o'clock again, so we will eat together then. But as I will come home at the same time, I do not understand, why I should take a housekey with me.
At the 10th of this month, Sunday, it is my brother's confirmation, mother's day and my grandfather's birthday. I cannot participate at any of this, what makes me a little sad. At the way to school, I thought and questioned this issue and why I am homesick. I cried a little.
Yesterday, Wakari san corrected my other diary note and I had a lot of mistakes. The test of the JLPT (Japanese test) training book, however, was not difficult at all for me. I do not understand. (At the time,) I am very much looking forward to my departure. (I cannot believe that I actually wrote this but it is just the feeling, I had at this day.)

First, we had homeroom class. I read a bit through my calendar. There are a lot of events, I have, both in Germany and in Japan. Then, I went with Amber in the library, where I studied the names of diffrent vegetables. But I keep forgetting them, it is really difficult. Today, I want to eat only one bread for lunch. I am still wearing a mask because of my hay fever.
Before this journey, I was homesick once. It was when I traveled to Irelend with boys scouts. But there, it was not only homesickness. It was because it was cold, wet, rainy and windy, because I was tired and exhaused and bored and hungry and because it was dirty and uncomfortable. So I wished to be back home. Here, however, it is not this way and still, I am homesick. As I said, I am not here for vacation. If I were on vacation, I would do what I like and eat what I like and be how I want to be. But now, I do not do what I like, I do not eat what I like and I am not how I am. I have to adapt and be nice but I am alone. Sure, everyone is nice and friendly, but in reality, there is no one here who is my friend, who likes me, who wants to talk with me, who I do not annoy. I am alone and sad. This is the truth and the reason, why I am homesick. The next lesson is P.E. This is good, because I do not have to think and write there and can distract myself.
P.E. was good. I am always together with Ami, Kyouka and Rina. They asked me, if I want to take Purikura pictures with them. That is so nice and I definitely want to go. In P.E., I spoke a bit with Eri (a very shy girl) and Naoko (who I do not really like). We threw balls in a basket. It was fun.
The next lesson was calligraphy, what was okay as well. I spoke a little with two girls there. After that, I quickly went to the bread shop in our school and bought one pizza bread.
I at last ate with my friends for the whole lunch time and did not go to the 7 11. As I was only eating one pizza bread, they were a little astonished. We made further plans for taking Purikura pictures. We want to meet at the station, go somewhere and then take pictures afterwards. But I am still worried, whether we will really do this.
English, the next lesson. was boring. Then I had mathermatics with the firstgraders. Next week, there will be a test. I asked the teacher whether I have to do the test as well. Maybe. I went back to the classroom, where the homeroom class started. Kyouka explained it to me; for the upcoming bunkasai (school festival), each class with prepare some kind of entertainment and out class decided to make CM (commercial) movies. There were a lot of ideas and everyone talked a lot. I also talked a lot with Emi. She is so nice and I like her. She explained Kaiten Sushi to me. She also wanted to see my calendar and the conversation was very fun.
Then, I went for cleaning (each class has to clean certain areas of the school for one month) in the biology room with Maiko who gave me a marshmellow. She told me that her younger brother brought this Disney marshmellows when he was to Disney land with his friends. That she also had a brother (10 years old) somehow made me happy. After cleaning up, we watched some fished in the room and talked to some pupils of the biology club. When the biology teacher came, he showed us how he fed the fishes with moving plancton, what was interesting. I also really like Maiko.
Then, I went in the calligraphy room. There, everyone was already drawing and I started drawing as well, it was not very good, as ever. Then, we sat together and ate a lot of sweets (crips, chocolates and small cakes). Someone explained it to me, but I did not really understand. Somehow, today is the last day for us to write. We again introuduced ourselves and it was really fun.

I went home. As Wakari sans slippers were not there, I thought she would not be home yet but she was in the garden.
She came in the house and started preparing dinner. I was allowed to help as well. Yay! She showed my how to dry onions. As they will burn quickly, I should turn them often by 'waving' the pan. Doing this, I  somehow managed to throw half of the onions to the ground. Wakari san was only a little angry. I liked cooking. Todays meal was amazing; it was rice with an onion, tomato, pumpki, meat curry souce; very hot yet amazingly tasty.
Then, I wrote diary. Kouta san came and I took a shower.
Today was interesting. Now, I will share some thoughts. Food and eating has become increasingly important for me here. I always think about it. Whatever I learn, do meet, have fun with, I am still hungry. But this was not the case when I was in Germany. Homesickness and hunger are feeling of my stomach. They deny me from enjoying a lot of thing when I listen to that feelings. My head and my mind, however, so not have these feelings. Listening to my mind is good.
Yes, this was my very long day. Good night <3

I hope, you liked that part!
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