travel2japan #63 every day has a number

Hey guys!
So, I was in Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm now going to do this. 
Some background information:
I was in Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

 #63 every day has a number
Real date: May 12th, Tuesday

Uhm. Today's morning was weird. I woke up various times at 5 o'clock, half past 5 and a few minutes afeter 6 o'clock and always felt asleep again quickly. Then, however, I went downstairs in the kitchen and ate breaffast (cornflakes). Wakari san will come home today between 5 and half past 5. Next week, we want to buy short blouses for the summer uniform. My hay fever is really annoying.

Now, I want to continue yesterday's list LINK: LINK OLD POST LISTthings I am glad are diffrent than in Germany: 1.fights with my father 2.stupid people or comments 3.peopleusing make up and not wearing 'cool fashion', instead being individual 4.firm 'groups' 5.everybody not being helpful 6.no one really obeying the rules 7.a lot of people being so grumpy and unhappy 8.no pretty food 9.my big and not pretty room 10.impolite people 11.egoistic people 12.a generally boring life 13.people who do not study hard I do not know any more for now but that will likely change when I am back.
I have reached a third of this diary book. That somehow went quick. I wrote this whole diary in Japanese. Now, I wrote about 15 days consuming 48 pages. Astonishing!
Now the last list: things, I like about Japan I do not like about Germany: 1.obentos (lunch boxes) 2.school uniforms 3.hard studying people 4.adorable stuff 5.weird and pretty styles 6.nice and friendly people 7.always pretty food and meals 8.Tokyo is close 9.a lot of money, I can organize myself 10.masks 11.openness baout alternative styles 12.school clubs 13.every day is diffrent and new 14.eating out 15.a lot of shops in the near 16.my friends here 17.the school bags 18.everybody knows and likes anime (well, almost everybody) 18.a fun school life 19.calligraphy 20.the pens 21.rice 22.life being targeted to school 23.baths 24.everyday feeling like holiday 25.fish-shaped icecream 26.writing diary every day 27.my English is considered good here 28.home economics class 29.no make up being used 30.studying only.
Yesterday evening, I forgot to pray again. Shit. I somehow thought, people would only eat in lunch break, but some people do also eat a little before.

In homeroom class, the teacher explained to me, that I will go to the library while the tests are taken. We also got information sheets about, among others, an upcoming taifun. Ami still does not know whether she has time when we want to go out.
The first lesson was chemistry. Everyone read or studied silently and the teacher went out a couple of times. Everyone is studying for the test that seems to be very difficult. So, I at last finished rewriting '900 Meilen' (900 miles). I, however, still fo not know how much miles it are from Germany to Japan, what I have to look up in the computer. (I never did so I will do now: It are 5,636 miles (beeline)).
I want to make a welcome back party with my friends and family where we will eat Japanese food and I will show them all the pictures from Japan and they can ask questions. I am just wondering when I should do this.
In the break after chemistry, I ate a small piece of vegetable from my obento. English communication (today with the whole class) was boring. Everybody studied silently again and the teacher sat at the desk and did something as well. The tests have to be really tough.
The next lesson was P.E. where we played basketball. It was fun and I spoke to some people. Everyone is busy for the test but no one will study tomorrow. I do not understand.
Then we had English where it took us 45 minutes to answer 4 questions in class (multiply choice). When I got asked something, I wanted to reply in Japanese at first. English is kind of weird to me,it feels uncommon.
In lunch break, we pushed together a lot of tables so that we had a big table where we ate with 13 people. Everone in class seems to hand together very solidarily. (a little anecdote about exclusion/ hanging together: When eating togehter, we also invented the extreme shy Eri to eat with us. She sat down in the middle of one side, silently ate her obento and then, equally silent, went back to her place. That made me see that here, everybody really tries to include other people. People like Eri are accepted but seem to exclude themselves). My obento was very delicious.
Next, I went with Amber to the library and studied. She gave me a kind of salty sweet of hers. For some reason, it was a little dark in the library. The wind outside was heavy. Tomorrow, we may have no school because of the taifun. If some train at 6 o'clock will come, we will have school. Amber told me about a telescope on the school roof. This sound amazing! Yesterday in music class I discovered my voice sounding a little like my mother's one. This was maybe homesickness (?). But after I stopped reading the WhatsApp message of my family everday, the homesickness has decreased. Meanwhile, my Japanese classmates took a small Japanese test right after lunch break and studied a little in lunch break. I am thinking about my hunger. From breakfast to lunch, it is about 5 hours and I get really hungry. From lunch to dinner, it are 7 hours after which I am incredibly hungry. But from dinner to breakfast, it are 12 hours and I am not hungry at all. I do not get it. My hay fever is still bad and my head hurts. The library women came and cleaned the table with a hand broom. On the stairs, I found a kind of Sailor Moon pendant. I am tired. I do only have this diary book with me so I do not know what else to do. On the 20 minutes way to school (my philosphical time), an old memory from

my way to school- my philisohical time
Germany just surfaced again and made me sad and hate Germany a little.  The time here in Japan seems longer. It is the same time of 133 days as in Germany, but here, I count the days. Every day has a number and this number is diminishing day by day. Although this is not diffrent from Germany, I do not see it there, because I count in years or maybe month. But as a fact, every day has a number and every day is counted. Doing this here in Japn makes every day be important, interesting and worth more. Japan is big and there are a lot of places, I want to visit. When I was to one of the expensive cloth stores in Shibuya, I saw a shirt with a print saying 'ever live' This is the truth. So many peopel spend such along time waiting on things and then they ever wait and never live. I did so to for a long time but I want to live, although it is difficult. But it is important. Every day has anumber but we just do not see it. Every day is counted, yet we do not recognize it. Nobody is imoortal. Everyone's life will end someday.
Then I had mathematics where we will take a test next week as well. I still do not know whether I have to take it, too or not. But mathematics is always fun. The teacher makes normal explainations in Japanese. When I did not understand some thing, I asked the girl in front of me. After her explaination, I understood it a little and even solved one math problem!
After a short homeroom class, I went to the biology room with Ami and Maiko. In the biology room, there were even more cages with mice than yesterday. It is for a kind of experiment. Moreover, I discovered that the name 'hamster' is in Japanese the same as in German. Kyouka waited at the lokcers for Ami and me and together, we left school.

When I was at home, the first thing I did was checking my e- mails. My mother had written me a short mail and I replied. After reading mails, I feel more homesick than after reading letters: Then, I studied. In the other diary, there are a lot of corrections.
Wakari san came home and we ate dinner what was, except for the broccoli, very tasty. We spoke but Wakari san replied in English a lot what made me sad. After dinner, I went to the toilet and cried.
For studying, I took my Japanese grammar book, because as I saw from the corrections, I am always misusing 'ha' and 'ni'. In TV, there was a lot about the taifun. When I wanted to talk to Wakari san she, again, replied in English. But later, she spoke Japanese at last.
I took a shower but the water was somehow cold so I only washed my hair. In bed, I at last remembered to pray. I said thank you and spoke about my wishes. I went to bed quickly. The taifun was very loud and seemed to be strong but it was somehow beautiful.

I hope, you liked that part!
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