travel2japan #64 the change

Hey guys!
So, I was in Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm now going to do this. 
Some background information:
I was in Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

 #64 the change
Real date: May 13th, Wednesday

Today, my counselor will come. Today morning, I wrote in my diary. Because my counselor will come, I am anxious. It is the same feeling I had before the Skype interview before my departure. My stomach hurts a bit. I am afraid that Wakari san will only speak English. I think that my Japanese is okay, but Wakari san seems to be of a diffrent opinion. Here, I really hat speaking English. I am anxious and a little homesick but I also do look a little forward to it.
After having written in my diary, I fed the cat. When Wakari san came and turned on the TV LINK we saw that the taifun is not so very strong so I went to school. I am happy that today is no free day because then we would have school at a saturday and I would not be able to go to the WYS orientation meeting.

The first lesson was biology where everyone studied by himself. Then, I went with Amber to the library. There, however, were people studying history with a teacher. We got their papers as well but I understood nothing at all. So, I studied Kanji as usual. After that, I went to math class. I understood a little! Out of 7 problems, I solved 5 right! Then, we had English. My teacher told us that we have to be quicker (after the disaster of last lesson LINK) and we were, indeed, a little quicker. When we worked in groups, I explained my group partners some content in Japanese and they really did understand it afterwards. Ya~y!
Then, we had lunchtime. My obento (lunchbox) was tasty but the rice tasted like nothing. 
I then, again, went to the library. Amber was there as well. That we study together in the library twice in one day, astonished me (Normally, we studied only one time a day together and alone at the other times). We looked at our timetables but it was, indeed, right. This happend for the first time. I studied Kanji and as I told her about today's meeting, we talked about counselors and organizations.
Also, I discovered that she knows quite a lot of Kanji. I have the fear that her Japanese will become better than mine.
Then I had Fine Arts. After asking, I disscovered that any student can choose from Fine Arts, calligraphy, music or crafts lesson. My Fine Arts class will finish the flower picture in September, so I have to be a little quicker.
After that, we returned to the classroom. My heart was beating hard. After homeroom class, I quickly cleaned the biology room, than ran to the toilet and ate the remaining part of my obento at an imense paste. I was not even hungry. 

Then, I ran home. I was sweating and feeling homesick and my stomach was hurting (Rereading this, I can feel this emotions really strongly) Although it was just 4 o'clock, my counselor had come to my hostfamily's house already, one hour early. 
Wakari san was sitting on the table with my counselor, chatting and drinking tea. I cleaned my obento and changed clothes while Wakari san also made tea for me. Then, I sat down with them and talked. It ws even kind of fun. I talked about my school, calligraphy club (I even showed her some of my calligraphy) and my experience in Shibuya. As I told her that I talked with a women there, she explaines 4 times to me, that I should not give personal data to strangers. Seriously?
Then, she told me that if I am only studying Japanese, I will only learn a bit Japanese and I should rather go out and meet people. At first, I was mad at her because I was trying so hard and she did not seem to ackleknowledge it, but she was right. (Damn, she was.) I am just here, studying and waiting but I should do something. From now on, I will meet with people and have fun. (And this was the change and it was so important and I am so thankful for my counselor having told me this truth)
We then planned the Kabuki theater and the orientation, I will go to. I still do not really understand, what we said about the orienation but I do not want to ask Wakari san. Within the talk, Wakari san also gave me a letter, that has come from Germany what made me really happy. But as I was still in a conversation, I did not open it.
Then, we three went in the car and drove to a new, really amazing restaurant. It was a small restaurant and there were a lot of anime minatures standing around. We were the only ones at the restaurant. The cook stood behind and open kitchen and explained me her cooking. She was very nice and it ws quite interesting. But when asked, my counselor claimed me to speak 'only a little Japanese'. The meal was a kind of round flat cake of soba noodles, meat and vegetables, all mashed together. We cut them like pizzas, put them in the middle of the table and everyone at from everything. I just did not understand why then everyone ordered her own cake? It was, however, really tasty and I liked it very much. My counselor ate for some health reasons only a small piece and got the rest put in a box. 
Driving was difficult because it was so dark outside and I think, we got lost a little.
Then, we drove my counslor to the station. I have the feeling that she does not like me or my Japanese. When I talked (in the restaurant) and looked to her, she just nodded. what should that mean? 'We will talk later' or 'yes, it is okay' or 'no, it is not okay' ?? It was a little funny bring my counslor to the station. When I met Wakari san for the first time, I had the feeling that she was invading the good relationship, I had established with my counselor. Now, it felt the other way around. 
As I saw tomorrow in my inbox, I got two mails; one from my brother and one from my father. So, I am looking forward to two mails and a big letter now.
We went to the foodstore in the near of the station and bought an obento for Kouta san as well as some kind of sweet ice. Also, my counselor had given us a gift, a box of diffrent flavoured puddings. The ice was very tasty. I was very tired. At home, however, I wrote a little diary and Kouta san came. The taifun is still strong and loud. 

In bed, I read the letter, that apparently came  from my friends. Lisas and Lauras letters were made very carefully and pretty, Michelles letter was exetremaly thoughtful and interesting, Cajas letter was short and boring. I directly wrote an answer despite being very  tired. At half past twelve, at last, I slept. 
So, today was an exhausting and tiring yet amazing and changing day and I am happy today. Very happy. Good night

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