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When researching for minimalist lifestyle and tips to own as less physical properties as possible, a lot of people recommend digitalizing parts of your life or hobbies, for example with apps, online services or purchasable programs. As this does not only reduces properties that clutter your house and cause you stress, but often also leads to a decreased amount of produced waste, I agree with a lot of this tips.
There is, however, the risk of becoming cluttered digitally.
This means that you have a lot of things; things that cause stress and unorganization and often cost you time searching for- just that they are not physical but exist as data on your computers.
Your desktop has not to look like the picture if you have a lot of digital clutter. Even though you might have a nice, clean, organized desktop surface, there will still be clutter hiding in your e- mail account, bookmark list, external hard disks and in your note files.
Decluttering this area of your life may be even harder than getting rid of physical stuff. One reason is that you cannot really feel the clutter as it is not a physical object consuming actual space in your room but a data that does not feels like cluttering your life. A minimalist computer and a cluttered computer look physically identical. Moreover, it is hard to really see all items on your desktop and get an overview about your clutter. Often, data is stored on a lot of different places and just when you thought you finished decluttering your digital space, you will find that next folder that has been inconspicuously hiding between your holiday photos. As it is easier than ever before to store and organize a gigantic amount of data, you will be a lot more likely to keep things 'just in case'. But do you really need blurred pictures of your birthday party, stored e- mails from people you are not friends with anymore and old applications?
I am currently decluttering my digital items and is a lot of effort. Nevertheless, it is also fun to see through your old files not to forget the great feeling when closing a completely structured, organized folder.
So, do not only limit minimalism to physical possessions, take it to the next level and declutter your digital life as well.
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