Qualitative blogging

I did not know what to blog about today. After some research, I came up with diffrent ideas, mostly about minimalism yet they did not quite satisfy me. Of course, I could just search for an interesting topic, get informed about it a little bit and write my blog entry for today. Easy, quick, job done.
But this is not what I want. neither is this enjoyable to me nor to somebody reading this who has assumably read article slike that 10 times before.
I want to write about things of value and not things of volume. I want a good quality, not a good quantity. I do not want to spam pointless articles. I want to put out long, valuable, worthy articles that I have invested my time and energy in. I want to inform, convince, inspire and motivate, not to copy.
I do not know, how my blog is going to develop. Maybe, this is just a temporary feeling that will diminish soon, maybe I will, indeed decrease the frequency of my articles.
Don't get me wrong, I am not suffering from a lack of ideas or a lack of motivation. I have a lot of ideas for projects and plans I want to transform into reality, yet, they require more research, inofrmation, energy and tim, I can invest in my blog on a daily basis.
So, in the next time, I will let go a little of my ambition to put out a blog article every day and focus on the project rather then on the time, I will present it.
See you soon

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