Rock am Ring 2016

Hello, everybody!
This weekend, I was to the Rock am Ring rock music festival. It was my first time going to RaR (abbreviation for Rock am Ring)and my first time visiting a festival in general.
To give you a little impression, I will show some photos I took at the festival:

Found at a bookstore at the train station afterwards

As it was my first festival, I was surprised quite often;

a.) I did not know that the stage area and the tent area were separated.
I had expected it to be one big area including all different types of camping as well as all shops and stages, only surrounded by a fence. As it, however, turned out, there were fences used to separate all kinds of different areas, especially the tent area and the stage area.

b.) I did not expect so many different food shops.
As I had informed myself, I knew about the supermarket that was located at the area, yet, I thought that apart from this, all food shops would not offer more than beer, fries and fried sausage. Although there was quite an amount of those kinds of shops, there was also a surprisingly great diversity in other kinds of foods. Burgers, fried noodles, Asian, kebab, Indian,.. you could really have anything. I also saw a vegan shop (which's burgers tasted really amazing), not to speak about 'normal' shops offering vegan food. It was expensive, but to my mind okay.

c.) I had expected more drunk people.
Not gonna lie, on the festival, virtually everyone was drinking alcohol. Most of the people, however, seemed to know their limit. I saw a lot of 'happy- drunk' people but came only 2 times across people who did not seem to enjoy their drunkenness anymore. From what I heard about festivals, I did not expect so few people to actually exaggerate drinking that far- or maybe, I just saw nobody doing so. But alcohol can definitely be counted as a basic foodstuff there.

d.) I did not thought it to be so wet and uncomfortable
Packing my stuff, I had thought of how easy it really is to have the essentials with you and still live relative comfortably. The opposite was true. I did, indeed, carry very little stuff with me what was comfortable and easy to carry but the 'everyday life' at the festival was neither hygienic nor comfortable. I felt constantly wet and dirty and our tent was smelling and messy and uncomfortable as well. This is a skill, I definitely want to improve.
Although the living there was uncomfortable, I did not allow this unfortunate circumstances to touch my enthusiasm and positivity. I enjoyed the festival more than I could imagine and stayed positive all the time, including when my feet were just covered in dirt every evening, when the concerts were delayed further and further and when we could not find the proper way back to the station. This is something, I learned in Japan.

e) I am questioning whether I am really and introvert

f.) I did not expect that much trash
More information: Rock am Ring 2016- the waste issue

g.) I did not know it would be so amazing.
Okay, so virtually half of the bands I wanted to see were not allowed to play because of thunderbolts, including SIXX:A.M., my favorite band of all time that made me go to the festival in the first place. I, however, found the event highly enjoyable and danced and rocked and had fun like insane. I got known to a lot of amazing bands I did not know about before. The whole area of the festival was just amazing and inspiring not to talk about the people I saw and met. I like observing people in general but at the festival it was even more interesting.
The bands I enjoyed the most:
Bullet for my Valentine
Billy Talent
Apart from this, I also listened to a bunch of other very good bands that I am looking forward to check out soon.

h.) I finally feel like I have really arrived in Germany and I am happy about it. I did not have any contact with Japanese friends for this three days (the longest time without contact so far) and I had a lot of moments (especially during the concerts) when I was not thinking and considering and reflecting thingsvat all. Moreover, I did not focus on being 'productive' in any way but to enjoy the time as much as possible.

For now, all I can say is, that it was an amazing festival making a great experience. For going zero waste on a festival it was at least a nice start.
Don't dream it, rock it!

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