Rock am Ring - Minimalist packing

Hello, everyone!
Last weekend I was to Rock am Ring 2016. As for this, I wanted to survive the festival with as least waste as possible and a minimalist bag. As for the bag, I challenged myself to fit everything in this backpack. So, I really wanted to take only the things, I really needed.

The essentials:
I obviously took with me the festival ticket and the printed out train ticket. On the backside of the train ticket, I printed the festival plan to save at least a little paper.
I, of course, also brought my smartphone and my purse.

As for my sleep, I packed a regular sleeping bag and an air mattress. The air mattress was very small when folded together yet very comfortable when blew up. The only problem was that the bag of the sleeping bag was a little broken and therefore not really waterproof.
We used the tent of my friend so I did not have to bring one.

I took 2 T- Shirts (1.) & 2.)), a tight (5.))underwear (6.)), a hotpants (3.)) and a long jeans (10.)), three tops (7.)), two jackets (8.) & 9.)) as well as small accessories  (11.)); a bikini, sunglasses, a hat, a belt.
The clothes with the red numbers are those, I wore at Friday, when I went to th festival, so the remaining amount of clothes I took with me was even smaller. I, however, did not need the bikini, the belt, the tights and the long trousers.

I took two of my obento boxes and filled them with food for the arrival. As I already talked about here (link following), however, I missed out on actually using this boxes to receive food in.
As for cutlery, I also packed two plastic cups (3.)), two plates (4.)), 2 knives, forks and spoons (8.)), enrolled in a kitchen towel (7.)). I also took my reusable water bottle (5.)) with me and put it in a fabric bag (6.)). We also did not use the plastic cups (as we drank of our plastic bottles)

I packed my brace with brace box (1.)), a floss stick (2.)),I cut off the sharp edge), a toothbrush (8.)) and toothpaste (3.)), sun cream in a small package (4.)), the top of a shaver (5.)), a small box with tampons and earplugs (6.)), just to be secure), my big hair brush (9.)) and deodorant (8.)), all packet in a plastic bag (7.)) and the smaller items packed in my brace box.
I did not use my braces, neither did I use 6.). My toothbrush items were barely used and the only items, I actually felt like I needed were 5.), 9.) and maybe 4.) (I still got sunburned).

As for spare time, I took a pencil, a rubber, a pen (1.)), 'The Heroine Diaries' by Nikki Sixx (so amazing book) (2.)) and a blank note for scribbling (3.)). It was all kind of entertaining but I wanted to spend as much time outside of the tent as possible.

Useful items:
I also took one plastic food bag (1.)) and a garbage bag (2.)) as well as a towel (3.)) (not seen on the photo: I also took two handkerchiefs) the festival- typical duct tape (4.)) and two rolls of toilet paper (5.)) I only used the garbage bag to transport my completely dirt- covered shoes home. We gave a little duct tape to a tent neighbour who needed it for his shoes. Moreover, I think that the toilets at the festival area reduced our toilet need so far, that one roll of toilet paper would have been enough. (On the other picture, you can see, how I placed different items into each other to save space

So, going to the festival, I looked like this;
So, as you can see there were indeed some items, I could have left home. On the other hand, however, there were items, I should better have taken there;
- Rubber boots or other shoes that are REALLY waterproof. It always took a lot of time cleaning my feet before entering the tent. Rubber boots would really have been convenient there.
- A pavilion tent. For us two people, it was okay to just sleep in our small tent and eat outside, sitting on garbage bags, but a pavilion would have been more convenient, also because kind of triggers socializing with other people.
- A music box. We both had our smartphones with us but as we did not charge them, we had to be careful on using the power and did not want to 'waste' the energy on playing music. Moreover, our smartphone volume would have declined in all the other people playing music. So, a music box would really have been nice to have.
- A camping chair to sit on (in the pavilion). Just some comfort.
- A completely waterproof sleeping bag bag. Just so that my sleeping bag would not get wet.
- A flag or banner to hand. I saw a lot of different banners and really liked them. Moreover, they are really helpful to find your tent. But in the end, it is just an amazing decoration item.
- A zero waste kit (link following)
- Some self- made candy /snacks. As I want to reduce my waste, I refused to take plastic- packaged snacks to the festival. So after having figured some easy yet tasty recipes for cookies or muffins, I intend on taking them to the next festival.
- Soup bubbles. (Of course, self-made) I saw it on a few occasions and just thought that it was nice
- A pump to pump my air mattress with. It was possible to do it using my mouth but a pump really would have been easier.

But for my first festival, I think a did an okay job packing my bag also in terms of reducing my waste. I will let you now about my next steps.
See you soon

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