travel2japan #75 misunderstandings and cream bread

 Hey guys!
So, I was in Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm now going to do this. 
Some background information:
I was in Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

 #75 misunderstandings and cream bread
Real date: May 24th, Sunday

Today (finally!) really is the day, when half of my exchange is over and half is still to make. At about 20 for 5, I woke up from some random noise, then fell asleep and got up again at 5 o'clock. I continued working at my small pocket calendar, it is almost finished.

Japanese study books
Sometimes I am really sure that what I say is right, but people still do not understand me. Wakari san woke up quite lately today, I think it was half past (being used to getting up early, I already considered that time to be late) Breakfast today consisted of scrambled eggs, some kind of self made sweet potato salad, spicy tomateos with onions, bread and vegetable juice (this time, it tasted more lika banana) Then we cleaned.
A childbook to learn words
I had learned that the polite form of '..shitai' (I want to do..) is '..mashou', but today, it turned out that this was wrong. When I said that I wanted to go to the library, Kouta san asked me 'By car?' and I replied that I can go there alone on foot. Then, he explained to me that '..-mashou' means 'Let us do..' Sometimes in the evening, I had said 'Sha-wa- wo abimashou', so 'Let us take a shower'.. What might they have thought about me?! I, however, then went to the library, lend a book ('The secret of Yatsuhashi' (a kind of sweet bread)) At Kasumi (local supermarket), I asked whether they had this bread, but they did not have it. I then went to the library. In the 7 11 store near the library, I bought cream bread, what was so amazingly tasty. It was a fluffy, sweet bread filled with cold banana white cream. After the library, I went back home. Because I was hungry, I bought the biggest (yet cheap) sweet at Daiso (one coint store). But as the package was only half- filled, I was not feeling less hungry afterwards. But as I think I never ate this sweets before in my life, the money was not wasted.
Today morning, Wakari san asked me about typical German food, I think she somehow asked because of the obento for tomorrow. I replied that it are potatoes and sausage..
view from the library
Back home, Wakari san and I decided to make self- made sauerkraut, potatoes, beacon and sausages. It was hot around noon ans we ate instantd noodles for lunch that were tasty but hot. They went to the gym and I got on the computer to research about things, I could do in Tokyo. It took a long time but after a while, I found a proper site. I felt hungry and I ate cornflakes, a little chocolate, 2 little sweets, and onigiri (rice ball) and mame beans. (I think that I certainly developed a problem with food in Japan. As I could not eat whenever I want as I can do here sometimes, I felt like being always hungry. Right after a meal, I felt full and my stomach hurt, but 2 hours later, I again felt so incredibly hungry. So, the next meal, I ate as much as possible and also stuffed food into myself whenever possible.) I listened to one song on my smartphone. I went on youtube and watched some entertaining videos. Then, I shut down the computer and studies. Wakari san and Kouta san came home. Wakari san went into her room and Kouta san watched sumo games on TV. I wrote in this diary.
Watching the videos was a wast of time. It was funny and entertaining but it was a waste of time. (This may be considered my third realization). I will now check my mails on the computer what I forgot.
My calendar is almost finished but I want to laminate the cover. I do not know where to do this, maybe at a big department store (?)
Wakari san came back and we went shopping for tomorrow's obento. She also showed me the obento, that is really huge and has three 'stores'. Finally, I understood: she thought that I was bringing the oe
obento for everyone, this obento was for 4 persons. We are now preparing onigiri for the obento.
Wakari san hates me (she, again, did not) but still, she is so friendly and nice, this is really amazing.
So, today is half of my time in Japan over. In one week, at the 30th of march, 2 month will be left. I do not know how to handle the obento tomorrow. Maybe I could eat it up with my friends and then say that I do not want to eat dinner. Then, Wakari san and Kouta san would know that I do not need extra- sized food, really..
The whole day today I am feeling tired and not very included in Japanese culture. I want to sleep.. I am not hungry, I think. I have now finished my calendar. It may be small and not that important but it makes me really happy.
I am thinking about the sweet bread, I bought today. In a German bakary, I always buy the cheapest bread, because I see no need in buying other, expensive bread. So, the bread is often the most normal and unexciting bread in the whole shop. If I will sometimes have the urge to eat another bread, I think by myself, I can always do it later. I think, even if I had a lot of money with me in the shop, I would still buy the cheap bread. Here, however, I do not know whether I will even see this kind of bread again in my life, so I eat it to try it out.
We ate dinner. I think, we will make the rest of the obento tomorrow. I went to bed and slept.

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