travel2japan #78 halftime

Hey guys!
So, I was in Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm now going to do this. 
Some background information:
I was in Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

travel2japan #78 halftime
Real date: May 27th, Wednesday

Today is the actual day when half of my time here in Japan is over. It feels weird. I am now wearing the summer school uniform, but there, it is a little iddicult to put my dictionary in the pocket of my skirt. I have to buy a new toothpaste for the second half of my time here.

I watched TV with Kouta san and talked a lot with him and understood a lot. When he drove to work, I said: 'Mata shigotou ni ikimasu ne' and then, he explained me that it is not right to use 'mata' when talking about a normal, daily thing like work. Wakari san also drove me to school. Because thevest of this school uniform is a little short, Wakari san always says: 'Be careful'- this is annoying.
At school, Kyoka and Maito taught me some Kanji. We then had biology, where we got back the test we take at the beginning of each lesson. Even though I just guessed, I got 6 points (out of maybe 12). Ami was good but constantly hid her points. We spoke almost the whole lesson about the test. Ami told me the date for the next ikebana (flower arrangement) club activity but it is the very day I am going to Kabuki theater at. But I may be able to make ikebana at the school festival. I talked a lot about things on my 'list' with her. I really like her.
Then, I had library lessons with Amber. Because she is progressing so quickly, I am worried.
My next lesson was mathematics. I wrote a message with my smartphone but I hope and think that the teacher has not seen it. We talked about the test and I got the solutions to my test but again understood nothing. At the end of the lesson, my hay fever came back a little.
I went back to the classroom where I spoke a bit with Kyoka, Ami and Eria. The next lesson was English communication that was boring as always. My English teacher hurried a little up. In lunch break, I went to the 7 11 store. Because half of my time is over today, I bought choco bread sticks that I wanted to distribute to my friends in lunch break. Then, I wanted to withdraw money from there. But I mixed up my password and paniced for a short moment, thinking that I could not acess my money. Then, however, I remembered the right password and could withdraw my money.
When I came back to school, I ate my obento (it was tasty). I wanted to say that the English tecaher hurried up today (just some small talk) but nobody understood me, because I used the wrong word. Eventually, Kyoka translated it for me. Then, I told them about today half of my journey being over and gave the bread to them. Kyoka laughed about it, maybe because it was not really a sweet. And everone said: 'That went quick..' Me and Rina both took 2 bread sticks. Kyou and Hanako were not there, I think they did things for their club. Because I ate my obento (lunch box) quickly, I could not really enjoy it. We made plans for going out to Chiba; what we want to do there.
I went with Amber to the library. We talked a bit and then, she listened to music. Some Japanese students came in the library and studied. The fact that students here are so shy and never want to talk, really annoys me. I hate it.
Now I was in Japan for 2 month and 5 days. It does not feel long. It does not feel short either. It feels like 2 month and 5 days. (Or should I say: It felt like 2 intensively lived, feeled and embraced month and 5 days?). It is still a lot of time to do a lot of things. But it is just 2 month, not too much either. I did my best in the first half here and I will do my best in the second half as well. I am still counting every day. In a few days, it will be only 2 month, I have left and I will already eat my third chocolate car. I really feels weird. However, I am looking forward to what will come.
I am still worrying about this money thing. Going to Chiba will become a little expensive again.
I still have to study Kanji (chinese characters). I want to buy a (grammar school) thirdgraders Kanji book. Yesterday in the ramen noodles restaurant, Wakari san showed me some Kanji which she thought I know. I did not know one of these Kanjis and she explained it to me.
The next lesson was arts. I feel like I have drawn this flowers like 10 times now.. it gets boring. For some reason, only the boys at my table spoke. They knew some names of German soccer players; 'Klose', 'Schweinsteiger' and 'Neuer'. This really astonished me. O-O The art teacher seems to treat me diffrently what is annoying.. I somehow had not got a print and so I asked the people of my table a simple question about it. Kyou seemed to not understand the question and responded in English.
We returned to the classroom and then straight to the gym. There, people who had made and extraordinary effort in club, kind of got honored from an institution from Chiba. It were only boys. Fortunately, it was not long. But because I was late exiting the gym, I was to late to clean. I learned, that students from this school are not allowed to have a sideline, because they should always study 0_o
With Kyoka, I went to the club. Some thirdgraders there were taking photos. Kyoka and Arima and me went downstairs because Arima got herself a drink there. Club was nice. I talked a little with Kyoka who told me that she has a smaller brother as well but only talks to him sometimes. The relationship from me and my brother is very diffrent. Kyoka left after half of the time because she had to do something. For some reason, I only drea 8 characters. Then, I left.
At home, Wakari san was not there yet. I ate some of the sweets in the fridge after what I was feeling a little full. Wakari san came. She then prepared the normal dinner in 10 minutes what she usually needs and hour for. Dinner was tasty and I ate kind of quickly today. For desert, I ate yatsuhasi sweets <3 again. When I was eating desert, Wakari san was still eating dinner.
We watched TV and talked a little. I wrote messages with friends. I asked and it is okay for me to go to Tokyo next weekend. I started making some little plans.
I went to bed. I am looking forward to tomorrow! (^u^)//

I hope, you liked that part!
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