Upcycle your clothes!

Hello, everybody!
My wardrobe is definitely a topic that I will speak about in detail later but for now, let me just say that I do like and wear regulary about 90 % of the items in my wardrobe. I think, however, the last time, I deliberately went 'shopping' on clothes is more than a few years ago.

Instead of throwing clothes away when they are broken or do not fit anymore, I ratehr upcycle or repair them.

What is upcycling?
Upcycling means to create a new, lovable item out of an item that you do not like anymore or that is broken or for another reason unusable.
So, I just want to show two small examples of me changing my clothes into more likable items.

1.) Hotpants out of outwearn trousers
The long trousers that you can see on the left picture is a clothing that I have been literally wearing for years. So, as I wore it very often, the knee part started belaching out a little and started standing out. First, I tried to cover it by making holes into the knee section, but still, it was visible. So, I just turned it into a hotpants. For this, I cut up the moste part of the leg (1.)) and then folded the downer edge twice to have a nice seam (2.), 3.), and 4.)) Then, I just sewed along the top edge of the seam and I was done.
I did not toss away the leg part but keep it with my sewing items. i am considering using it to sew a jeans jacket.

2.) Adjusting a T-Shirt
I love my SIXX:A.M. shirt. But I always thought that it was a bit too long, so if I wore hotpants, a big part of tehm were covered by the bottom seam of the shirt. Aditionally, I wished the shirt to be a little more figure- accentuation. So, I just folded the Shirt in half and cut off a few centimeters of the bottom seam as well as a little of the belly part. Then, I hemed the seam and sewed together the belly part. So, I had a shorter, a little narrower version of this amazing T-Shirt.

So, as you can see, I did not really upcycle clothes in terms of creating completely new clothing items but I just wanted to show how easy it is to work on your clothes to make them fit better or look better. You do not have to buy new clothes when your old are broken.

Life your values and see you then,

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