jeans jacket #1 backside, front side with pockets

Hello, everyone!
Here comes the first part of a tutorial for sewing a jeans jacket (at least, how I sewed a jeans jacket). The first part will cover the backside design, the front sides (left and right) with  3 pockets each and sewing this 2 parts together.
I used 1 1/2 meters of jeans fabric and the cut pieces look like this:
To show you, how the pieces will be sewed together, I arranged them like this:

#1 backside, front side with pockets
The pieces of fabric we will need for this part are lightened up:

1. The back side design
As for the backside, I wanted to have a strap (G) going around the fabric at a overlap.
So, I first prepared the strap by just sewing together the 2 parts of G and turning it around. Then, I formed an overlap of about 3 centimeters in the upper half of the backside part (C). I put G in this overlap and fixed it with a pin. Then, I first sewed along the upper line to fix G and the overlap. To make the overlap a little flatter, I then sewed along the bottom line. Here, I just sewed together the 2 parts of the overlap but not G or the backside part (as you can see on the last, small picture)

2. The front side: pocket I
As for the front side (B), I first formed an overlap of about 3 centimeters (in the middle of part B) and sewed it along the inner side (sewing it just once). Then I took the pocket part H (preparing it by sewing around the top side) and fixed it firmly to B with pins. Then, I sewed along the left, right and bottom side of H.
To make a pocket lap, I had prepared I (the pocket lap) by sewing together its 2 parts and turning it around. Now, I formed an overlap above the pocket, I just sewed on and put the lap (I) into it. Then, I sewed along the inner side of the overlap and fixed the pocket lap with it.

3. The front side: zipper (pocket II)
Zippers and me are still enemies, but I tried.
What I did was sewing J on B (just above the pocket, I just sewed on). I took a scissors and cut out the inner part of B.Then, I cut in the edges of J (second picture) and then turned J to the inner side and fixed it with pins. This should create a nice, not frayed border for the zipper. So, I sewed along this 'border' (and it did not really turn out not frayed.) After that. I put the zipper (15cms) beneath the cut out part and sewed it to B. Mha, this is something, I still have to practice..
(This is not really a pocket, you can insert things in, but it looks like one)

4. The front side: seam and pocket III

I turned over the inner seam of B 2 times to the outside, so that the visible seam has the color of the backside of the fabric. I also put the long zipper (65 cm) along this seam (inside) and then fixed everything with pins. Then, I sewed along the lift side of the seam and had sewed on both the seam and the zipper.
For the 3rd pocket. I first prepared the pocket (K) by sewing together 2 pieces of K on the left, right and bottom side, leaving out the diagonal side. Then, I layed K on the place of B, I wanted to sew it on and cut out this line. Then, I sewed the 2 sides of K left side on left side on the 2 sides of the cut on B. Turning it around, I now had a diagonal pocket.

5 Sewing front and back side together
To sew together both Bs and C, I put them left side on left side together and fixed the 'sewing line' with pins. On the bottom, I inserted the E strap and fixed it as well. Then, I sewed along this line as well as along the top seam of both parts. Now, I had a vest of the front and backsides with a strap at each side.

Now, the result for this sewing session looks like this:

Next time, I will go on with sewing the sleeves (with straps as well), sewing them to the vest part, sewing on the collar and fixind the remaining seams.
I hope, you enjoyed this tutorial, see you soon,

Next part (#2 sleeves, collar and seams) --> 

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