jeans jacket #2 sleeves, collar and seams

Hello, everyone,
here comes the second and almost last part of my jeans jacket tutorial . Today, I will explain, how I made the sleeves, the collar and finished the jacket by working on the seams.
The fabric needed this time is lightened up:

#2 sleeves, collar and seams

1.the sleeves

For making the sleeves, I sewed together the sleeves part (I) right side on right side) It is important to sew narrower at the 'hand side' (right side on the picture. Then, I hemed the hand side seam by folding it twice and sewing along the inner and outer border. Also, I put a lap (F) between the fabric before sewing it, so the lap was fixed as well. 

When sewing on the sleeves. I turned them and the vest part around. I took the (last) lap (D) and used pins to fix it to the inner side of the sleeve(I) on the opposite side of where the sleeve seam is. It is important that a little of the fabric is protruding. So, now, when sewing along the edge of the seam, the lap is sewed on as well.

2. the collar

As for the collar part of the jacket, I first sewed around the top seam of the front parts (B). Then, I fixed the collar (A) to the back and front parts (B & C) right side on right side and sewed along the edge. So, now I had an a little wird looking collar.
3. seams
The only thing not fixed yet was the bottom line of the jacket what was not only not on the same length but also still fringy. So. I first cut all pieces to the same length (the length of C) and then sewed along the bottom edge. Now, the nice seam was finished

So, apart from the buttons, I still have to apply to the jacket, it is finished and looks like this:

Next time, I will go on adding the buttons and finishing the jacket.
I hope, you enjoyed this tutorial, see you soon,

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