lessons learned from 'Life of Galileo'

Hello, everyone!
'Life of Galileo' LINk by Berthold Brecht was by far the most interesting books, I ever read in school. Not only is it written by the interesting communist Berthold Brecht, but it deals with an issue, I see to be still very topical. Galileo, the main character of the play, tries to prove that the earth turnes around the sun and not the other way around but has do deal with disbelief and violence from anti- progressive people, who are not willing to believe him.
I think, that we still have way too much anti- progressive people in our world. They may know about the structure of the solar system but are hesitant to accept progress. I, personally, value progress a lot and always try to be open for progressive, unconventional renewal.

Here are my favorite quotes of the book:

  • 'The old teachings (...) at this building are less wood than the pillars that should support it.'
  • 'I believe in the human, and that means, I belive in his reason'
  • 'The old says: The person I am is the person, I ever was
  • The new says: Are you not good, then leave'
  • 'The truth is the child of time, not of authority'
  • 'Our unknowingness is infinite, let us remove a cubic millimetre'
  • 'You cannot condemn the teachings and use the star chart (that were created using the teachings)'
  • 'Someone, who does not know the truth is just a fool. But someone who knows the truth and calls it a lie, is a criminal' (my favorite)

Although this were not that many quotes, I think each of them is very meaningful.
See you soon,

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