lessons learned from 'The Top Five Regrets of the Dying'

Hello, everyone!
Yesterday, I finished reading the book 'The Top five Regrets of the Dying' by Bronnie Ware. It was a very open, honest and mind- opening book, that I enjoyed reading a lot. Although the book is not entirely dedicated to this very five regrets (how could you fill 400 pages otherwise) it talked about a lot of important and true realizations and truth.

While reading, I wrote down important or interesting quotes and statements of the book. These statements are for me the important lessons from the book, the things, I want to keep in mind after reading the book and learn from them. Here are they (note: they are not always quoted literally (also, because I read the book in German))

  • 'One is always a product of one's surroundings'
  • 'Soley the try to make something different, is a success'
  • 'No experience in life is made for nothing'
  • 'It was time to finally live and not always try to check the results of living'
  • fighting nervousness: focus on one's breathing/ seeing the situation without oneself (with a someone)
  • 'working at what you like and the money will flow itself'
  • 'Sometimes you have to step back to get attempt for the next jump'
  • 'Work is a satisfying extension of oneself'
  • showing emotions, honesty
  • 'Pride is a waste of time'
  • 'Feelings of guilt are poison'
  • 'Only, because somebody does not react the way, you wish, you should not regret trying to communicate'
  • 'No human is self- evident'
  • 'Lonliness is not the lack of people, but the lack of understanding and acceptance'
  • Choosing to be happy every day
  • 'If one thing is guaranteed in life, it is change'
  • 'In our society, still everyone takes pains to keep up appearances but the price to pay, is too high'
  • 'Freedom is, more than anything else, a state of mind'
  • 'Honesty brings people closer to each other'
  • A lot of thoughts are not our own but were projected to us by others'
  • Anger are disappointed expectations
  • 'The happy life wants you as much as you want the happy life'
  • 'It takes energy to be yourself and not the person, other people want you to be. But it takes just as much energy to lie on the deathbed and regret'
  • Not only praising happiness, but the way there as well
  • 'When you only give but never take, you will not only cause an imbalance but also deprive the other person the joy of giving'
  • (methaphor: mind= seeds) Do not fertilize bad seeds, but plant new seeds.
  • 'Life owes us nothing. We only owe ourself to make the best out of our life.'
  • Riding on waves, that used to overturn you
  • 'Giving for the sake of giving'
  • 'My life belongs to me'

These are the most important, I want to keep from this book. I hope, you enjoyed them as well. See you soon,

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