travel2japan #81 Chiba

Hey guys!
So, I was in Japan as an exchange student. And wrote diary; approximately three pages every single day. As I think it may be interesting translating the thoughts of an exchange student in Japan, I'm now going to do this. 
Some background information:
I was in Japan from March to July 2015(4 1/2 month). I lived in Chiba with a host family. 
I went there with the organization WYS (Word Youth Society).
Here we go.
(The text written in italics are comments, I added in retrospect)

travel2japan #81 Chiba
Real date: May 30th, Saturday

I woke up late today, but nobody was already in the kitchen. After I went to the bathroom, I saw that only Kouta sans breakfast was prepared, because he will go somewhere today. Wakari san was there. Suddenly, I got a really heavy sneezing attack and quickly went to the bathroom. I heard Wakari san saying something like: 'You flu is not okay' I think, she was a little angry. When I came back, she prepared breakfast and told me that Kouta san was at a meeting today. We ate breakfast and watched TV. For some reason, the TV flickered a little and then went off. Wakari san told me that it was because some kind of B- card. She left and I cleaned the house a little. I emptied the garbage bins, as she had told me. Then, I left. This was a quick morning.

One can buy food with the train card
At the station, I sat in a cafe and ate a melon bread. I left and went into the station. It was 9:20 and for some reason, I thought that the train, I had to take was leaving at 9:21 so I ran to the platform and entered the train, but saw that nobody was in there, I wrote mails to my friends. Suddenly, a Japanese man asked me if I spoke English and I replied in Japanese, that I did so. But he wanted to speak English, because he wants to become an English teacher and will meet with an English communication club in Chiba and wants to practice for that. He asked me a lot of questions. While talking to him, I wrote and read messages from my friends who I agreed with to meet at the exit of Chiba station. He was nice, but I felt weird when he asked me whether I had a boyfriend. We left at Chiba station and I waited. For some reason, you can even buy food with your Suika (train card).
the shopping mall
So, I waited for my friends to arrive in 20 minutes. When they still did not came, I started to feel nervous and mailed them. They quickly came to where I was. I had waited at the west exit, but they had waited at the east exit what was the main exit as well. So, I finally met with Ami, Kyoka and Hisa. Ami wore heels and everybody was so pretty. Waiting for Rina, we went through a really big shopping mall in the station and saw a lot of interesting clothes and accessories. We met Rina at another part of the station, because her train had been late. She wore an extremely cute dress.
We first went into a shopping mall, where we wanted to buy a memory thing for this day. Because of me, we wanted to buy something from Rilakkuma. So, we went into this huge mall with 10 floors in the cute characters section and searched for an item from Rilakkuma, that was available 5 times. We first thought about pens, but there were not available 5 times (even after asking a shop assistant), so we bought a Rilakkuma file. Kyoka and Rina bought pencil leads as well.
Then, we went into the 10th floor of the building to a waffle shop to eat. As Rina had been to Chiba already, she knew this shop. At first, we wanted to order only 2 waffles to distribute them, but this was impossible, as we were told by the waitress. So, after thinking about it, each of us ordered. I have the feeling that Hisa cannot enjoy. She just ordered a bare waffle with nothing, the cheapest thing on the menu. (I was exactly like that at the beginning of my exchange.) I ordered a nice waffle with green tea ice and cream, dangos and anko cream. It was so delicious! But I did not really like the dangos too much. I already really liked Chiba as a big Japanese town. We talked a lot.
Then, we went to a Takoyaki (octupus balls) snack shop and got one portion of normal Takoyaki and one portion of egg Takoyaki that were not that tasty. They were difficult to eat, but tasted nice. At the end, when 2 Takoyaki were left over, we played Yanken (scissors, rock, paper), but when Ami and Kyoka won, Kyoka did not want to eat anymore so I could eat the last Takoyaki.
We were, by the way, still waiting for Ina to arrive. We wanted to meet with her, but as she had club activity, she would come later.
We went to the cheapest Karaoke shop. I had never played Karaoke, so it was my first time. We got microphones, a kind of choosing-the-song-gadget and a room number and also one free drink. The room was old but big and colorful with a TV screen. On the gadget, we choose a song and the music video and lyrics showed on the screen. We had 2 hours in the room. One could also order food and more drinks. The first song, I sang was 'Shake it off'. I was not too good, but at difficult parts, I just did not sing and everyone clapped their hands. At the ends, there were no points or estimation, what I really liked, but for some reason the number of calories you burned singing. Me and Ami sat together with the gadget to find songs, I knew and liked to sing. I also sang 'California Girls' with music video.. uhm.. no good idea. I also saw a song from Lady Gaga called 'Scheiße' (shit)  Rina sang a lot of anime songs and she was really good at it. I especially enjoyed the song 'Memeshikute'. A telephone call informed us, that we had only 10 minutes before we had to leave. We sand a little and then left.
Finally, we went to take (my second) purikura (but the first, I consciously noticed). The purikura boxes were inside of a loud, lighlty gaming center. I could choose a box. We took funny pictures and then went outside to design them. I felt like kind of in a tunnel while designing them and just asked the others, if they wanted to design them as well, when the countdown was already over (2 people could design the pictures at a time).
We went to the station. Because it was already 4 o'clock, I was getting a little nervous about the time. While waiting for the trains, we talked a little and I found out that none of them had a boyfriend. Ami left first for her train, then Kyoka and Rina had to leave. I thought that Kyoka and Ami were taking the same train, but whatever. Ina Hisa slept at the train. I do not like her, because she is boring and cannot enjoy stuff, but rather just gets stuff done. At the station, I put money on my Suika.
At home, Kouta san was there. I told him about my day and we talked a lot. I dozed 10 minutes in my bed. Because I was feeling so tired, I kind of was not feeling hungry. A letter had arrived for me, but I did not read it yet. Then, I ironed my blouses. Wakari san came and I talked with her as well and showed her the purikura pictures, but she could not really notice them because they were too small. We ate dinner. Then I read and wrote diary. Wakari san explained me some Japanese. Finally, I understood how to use the pronoun 'ni'.
Yesterday morning, we had a small earthquake. Now, as we were sitting there, it suddenly started to rumble and wobble amd did not stop. It was a very strong wobbling. We quickly stood up from tha table and went into the hall, Kouta san was going somewhere but quickly came back. I thought, we would go out, because I had learned that it is safer outside when there are earthquakes because nothing can fall down. It is also important to wear shoes to not stamp on something. The earthquacke was over and on NHK news it was shown immediately.
We sat down, talked and watched TV. Today, we again, did not take a bath. Why? I was really tired, when I went into my room. I put some school stuff of mine in the file. I think, I lost a bag of mine.
Today was a good and strong day, it was nice. Good night.

I hope, you liked that part!
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