websites & apps I use to study & organize myself

Hello everyone!
I am using a lot of different apps and websites to study for my own, for school or my time management. Today, I want to introduce them to you. (this list will definitely increase and change over the time)

Studying languages (general):
AnkiDroid: An amazing app to study vocabulary and grammar with. There are already prepared stacks of Japanese vocabulary.
Duolingo: This is both an app and website that provides courses for a lot of languages, including Portuguese. You can earn points by studying grammar and vocabulary with pictures and sounds. It is a great help in learning a new language, also pushing you to continue studying with rewards and points.
italki: This is a very helpful language that helps connecting with other learners. You can attend lessons, chat with language partners, ask question or get your sentences corrected. Well- done tool that every language learner needs.

Studying Japanese:
wadoku: A really comprehensive dictionary for Japanese words. (in German)
kanji.slifaq: This website is really just amazing. You can draw Kanjis on a pad and the website and the websites shows you the Kanji you might mean and their meaning

Studying Portuguese:
conjpt.cactus2000: A great website to conjugate Portuguese verbs (if you speak German)

Time management:
Habititcia: this is both an app and websites that turns your habits and to- dos into a fun RPG game. You can manage both regular to dos as well as your good or bad habits and rewards, you give yourself for achieving those. On top of that, it is a lot more funnier that every to- do app you will ever know.
timeanddate/ dreamdays: As for my 1st realization, it helps me focussing on my goals to keep in mind the number of days I still have to finish a project or achieve a goal. In general, it just reminds me of the fact that my days are counted and should not be wasted.

GrammerCheck: After writing a blog article, I always get the text checked by this site to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.

See you soon,

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